Acoustic Agriculture

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Acoustic Agriculture

Combining AI and biotech tools, “Acoustic Agriculture” explores urban noise pollution’s impact on plant growth. The AI system deciphers urban noise complexities, generating sound waves that promote healthier plant growth amidst the bustling urban environment.


City+Farming Synergies


#advanced sensing #VAE #GAN #sound pollution #plant-acoustics #smart sonic developments #AI-composed soundscapes #evolutionary algorithms


Helena Nikonole + Carlo Ratti Associati + Gluon + Mendel University in Brno & Brno University of Technology


In an era where urban noise pollution continually competes with the essence of nature, this project emerges as a beacon of hope for sustainable urban farming. This project pioneers a blend of urban farming, acoustics, and AI technology to nurture an urban vertical garden. At the core of the project is the integration of AI and biotech tools to analyze urban noise pollution and its effect on plant growth. Using machine learning, the AI system will decipher the complexities of urban noise, generating a symphony of sound waves that create a healthier environment for plants to thrive amidst the city’s clamor. This project will experiment towards not just a visual spectacle but a symphony of growth and innovation that encapsulates a harmonious integration of greenery and technology.


1) Research on Plant Acoustics & Influence of Sound: Dive deep into the science of plant acoustics to unravel how different sound frequencies can stimulate plant growth, particularly emphasizing frequencies that enhance the production of vitamins and antioxidants. This research pillar underpins the foundation of our AI-driven sound generation.

2) Study of Noise Pollution on Plants: Understand the detrimental effects of urban noise pollution on plant health and growth. This exploration will inform our AI system’s interventions, allowing it to generate counteracting sound waves that shield our garden from the adverse effects of noise pollution.

3) Development of AI-driven Vertical Garden Installation: Create a living testament to our research—a modular vertical garden installation in the heart of the city, utilizing AI to harness sound for enhancing plant growth and mitigating the harm from noise pollution. This garden, embedded with IoT systems will provide real-time insights on plant health, responding dynamically to the urban environment.

Helena Nikonole
Helena Nikonole (Germany)


Helena Nikonole

Helena Nikonole is a new media artist, independent curator and educator currently based between Berlin and Istanbul. Her field of interests embraces AI, hacktivism, hybrid art and bio-semiotics. One part of her work is dedicated to utopian scenarios of post-human future while another is focused on dystopian present and critical approach to technology.

She presents lectures and workshops in the field of Art & Science and AI & art at different institutions including Art Laboratory Berlin, Mutek Festival (Montreal and Tokyo), Leiden University and many others.

Her artistic work have been presented internationally by institutions and festivals such as Ars Electronica 2019 and 2022, ZKM Museum (Karlsruhe), CTM Festival (Berlin), Athens Digital Art Festival, Kapelica Gallery (Ljubljana), Chronus Art Center (Shanghai), Drugo More (Rijeka), “YouFab Creative Award 2019 Winners Exhibition”, SHIBUYA QWS (Tokyo), Open Source Body Festival 2022 (Paris), Warsaw Biennial 2022 etc.