Repairing the Present

From June 2021 to December 2022, 12 Regional S+T+ARTS Centers come together from 11 different countries with a common mission: Repairing the Present. To address the unintended consequences of steadfast technological development resulting in the European continent’s present social, economic, and environmental challenges, the Regional S+T+ARTS will Centers host 21 artist residencies and tap into the potential of artists to act as catalysts for change and actively contribute to innovation.

The programs explore the possibility of Repairing the Present through resource, urban, ICT & art-powered transformations encouraging a critique of the present, the exploration beyond its current limitations and the reimagination of other possible futures.

While the challenges addressed are pan-European or global, the solutions require a focus on specific local problems. In Repairing the Present, the Regional S+T+ARTS Centers think globally but act locally by defining challenges that need to be urgently addressed within their localities.

The Regional S+T+ARTS Centers

Snowball (BE)

Snowball is a state-of-the-art Cleantech Hub, with a growing community of entrepreneurs, scientists, researchers, artists and business mentors. Its mission is to facilitate sustainable entrepreneurship and shorten the route to market for clean technology solutions.

MAXXI Museum (IT)

MAXXI, the National Museum of 21st Century Arts (IT), is the first Italian national institution devoted to contemporary creativity, a laboratory for cultural experimentation and innovation, for the study, research and production of the aesthetic contents of our time.

Art Hub Copenhagen (DK)

Art Hub is a facilitating, knowledge-producing, and experimental art institution. It offers artist residencies, artistic development programs, builds interdisciplinary networks, and organises discursive activities revolving around artistic work and research.


STATE is a Berlin-based initiative that builds cultural programs at the intersection of science, art, and society to help forward ideas for a sustainable future. With exhibitions, residencies, and events, STATE invites its audience to deep-dives into current topics that shape our tomorrow.

Onassis Stegi (EL)

Onassis Stegi is a multi-disciplinary cultural space in Athens, hosting events and actions across the whole spectrum of the arts from theatre, dance, music to visual arts and hybrid art, with an emphasis on contemporary cultural expression and a strong focus on new media and digital art.

In4Art (NL)

In4Art creates spaces for experiments at the intersection of art, science and technology and translates the outcomes into strategic implications and innovations. Their Art-Driven Innovation method aims to increase the impact of art on society and the economy.


MEET is the first Italian international centre for digital culture, guided by the belief that innovation is primarily a cultural matter, rather than a purely technological one. Through its activities, MEET aims to frame technology as a part of daily life and a resource for creativity.


The CCCB is a multidisciplinary cultural centre that deals with the key challenges of contemporary society through different languages and formats, with an extensive programme that includes major thematic exhibitions, conferences and literary meetups, film screenings and festivals.

Ars Electronica (AT)

Based in Austria, Ars Electronica is one of Europe’s leading cultural institutions, an educational facility and an R&D lab. Since the Ars Electronica Festival first took place in 1979, Ars Electronica has grown to also include Prix Ars Electronica, Ars Electronica Center and Ars Electronica FutureLab.


Sony CSL is a leading-edge organization that works to create new research areas and paradigms, new technologies and businesses for the social good. Though immersed in a corporate environment, its network spans the academic and corporate, public and private sectors.

Kersnikova (SI)

Kersnikova Institute is a non-profit and non-governmental art space at the nexus of investigative arts, science, and cutting-edge technologies and the institutional frame for three progressive venues: Kapelica Gallery, the hackerspace Rampa, and the inspirational laboratory BioTehna.

CYENS Centre of Excellence (CY)

The Cyprus-based Centre of Excellence, CYENS supports scientific research in the areas of visual sciences, human factors and design, communication, and artificial intelligence with the goal of integrating it within the innovation that is produced beyond it.

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