Under the vision of Value Of Joint EXperimentation (VOJEXT) in digital technologies, VOJEXT encourages producers and SMEs to adopt cognitive autonomous systems for human-robot interaction and dynamizes science-driven industry approaches engaging human and Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) in the same loop. In this context, VOJEXT amplifies the cognitive capabilities needed to achieve more effective sociotechnical and business ecosystems. To this end, VOJEXT designs, develops, and demonstrates a cost-effective, market-oriented and easy-to-repurpose autonomous mobile robotic systems, which shall be a component of the smart, agile and scalable cognitive cyber-physical environment in the factories of the future.

Duration: July 2020 – December 2023
Coordinator: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (ES)
Partners: Fortiss GmbH (DE), Sieć Badawcza Łukasiewicz – Przemysłowy Instytut Automatyki i Pomiarów -PIAP (PL), Pôle EMC2 (FR), The Shadow Robot Company Limited (UK), Robotnik Automation SLL (ES), Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IT), Tree Technology S.A. (ES), Technovative Solutions (UK), Universitas Nebrissensis S.A. (ES), Kontor 46 s.a.s. (IT), F6S Network Limited (IR), Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BG), Stichting Waag Society (NL), Officina Keller Lanificio Napoli S.R.L. (IT), PEMÜ Plastic Processing Co. Ltd. (HU), Acciona Construcción S. A. (ES), Osai Automation System SpA (IT), Deutsches Zentrum fuer Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V (DE), Mercedes Benz Turk AS (TU).
Management Contact Person: Maria Eugenia (Xenia) Berltran (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, ES) ✉
Communication Contact Persons: Zeynep Birsel, Natalia Vargas (Waag Futurelab, NL) & José Gabriel Teriús (Universidad Politécnica

MediaFutures MORE

MediaFutures brings together startups, SMEs and artists in the media value chain to expand on standard models and comes up with unconventional ways for people to engage with quality journalism, science education and democratic processes. It aims to create products, services, digital artworks and experiences that will reshape the media value chain through innovative, inclusive and participatory applications of data and user-generated content. In an age of polarisation and misinformation, MediaFutures is instrumental in helping Europe lead the way in establishing a new, inclusive brand of innovation, fueled by seamless access to data and multidisciplinary expertise. MediaFutures funds and supports products, services, artworks and experiences that transform for the better the ways people consume news and engage with facts, and the ways experts make decisions and contribute to society.

Duration: September 2020 – August 2023
Coordinator: Leibniz University Hannover (DE)
Partners: King’s College London (UK), Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics/Music (IRCAM) Centre Pompidou (FR), LUISS University (IT), Zabala Innovation Consulting (ES), Next Media Accelerator (DE), Eurecat Technology Centre of Catalonia (ES), Open Data Institute (UK), DEN Institute (BE) and KU Leuven (BE).
Management and Communication Contact Person: Alexandra Garatzogianni (Leibniz University Hannover, DE) ✉
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Bringing together art, technology and science, STARTS4Water aims to tackle one of the most pressing challenges of our times: water management. The project supports artists, researchers, technology experts and other stakeholders in finding a common ground and language to respond to regional water-related challenges. STARTS4Water builds on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030 and especially on SDG 6 ‘Clean Water and Sanitation’ and SDG 14 ‘Life Below Water’. Through 10 artistic residencies and a series of STARTS Academy workshops, intersectorial and transversal networking activities, field expeditions and discussions engaging local communities, STARTS4Water will engage with wider communities and propose new narratives to inform and communicate on a common challenge.

Duration: April 2021 – December 2022
Consortium: LUCA School of Arts in collaboration with Gluon (BE), Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary – TB21 (AT), Universal Research Institute (HR), V2_Lab for the Unstable Media (NL), Ohi Pezoume/ UrbanDig Project (GR) and Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto (IT) and STARTS partner BOZAR (BE).
Management Contact Person: Valery de Smedt ✉

Repairing the Present MORE

From June 2021 to December 2022, 12 new Regional S+T+ARTS Centers come together from 11 different countries with a common mission: Repairing the Present. To address the unintended consequences of steadfast technological development resulting in the European continent’s present social, economic, and environmental challenges, the partners will propose ways of tapping into the potential of artists to act as catalysts for change and actively contribute to innovation. The programs explore the possibility of Repairing the Present through resource, urban, ICT & art-powered transformations encouraging a critique of the present, the exploration beyond its current limitations and the reimagination of other possible futures. While the challenges addressed are pan-European or global, the solutions require a focus on specific local problems. In Repairing the Present, the Regional S+T+ARTS Centers think globally but act locally by defining challenges that need to be urgently addressed within their localities.

Duration: June 2021 – December 2022
Consortium: Snowball (coord., BE), MAXXI Museum (IT), Art Hub Copenhagen (DK), STATE (DE), Onassis Stegi (EL), In4Art (NL), MEET (IT), CCCB (ES), Ars Electronica (AT), SONY CSL Lab (FR), Kersnikova (SI), CYENS Centre of Excellence (CY).
Management Contact Person: Alexandra Vanhuyse ✉
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Re-Fream seeks for novel and concrete solutions, turning it part of the STARTS Lighthouses pillar (together with WearSustain and MindSpaces). Through the launch of two open calls, the project supports 20 collaborations between artists, designers and technology providers to re-think the future of fashion. 

Duration: December 2018 – November 2021
Consortium: Creative Region Linz & Upper Austria (coord., AT), Wear It Berlin (DE), AITEX (ES), Care Applications (ES), Consorzio Arca (IT), EMPA (CH), Fraunhofer (DE), Haratech (AT), Instituto Europeo di Design (IT), PROFACTOR (AT), STRATASYS (DE), University of Art and Design Linz (AT)
Management Contact Person: Gisa Schosswohl ✉
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More recently, STARTS launched MindSpaces, to explore the spaces, their architecture design, and how they can become more dynamic, inclusive and functionally and emotionally appealing. Between January 2019 and December 2021, the project is supporting 6 artists to work on three main Pilot Use Cases: Outdoors urban environment, Inspiring workplaces, Emotionally-sensitive functional interior design. 

Duration: January 2019 – December 2021
Consortium: CERTH, Information Technologies Institute (coord., GR), Maastricht University (NL), Universitat Pompeu Fabra (ES), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (GR), Mc Neel (ES), Up2metric (GR), Nurogames (DE), Zaha Hadid Architects (UK), Moben,  Analog Native (DE), Espronceda (ES), Eseniors (FR) Ajuntament De L´Hospitalet (ES), City University Of Hong Kong (CN)
Management Contact Person: Stefanos Vrochidis ✉
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In December 2016, STARTS was launching Vertigo, the first STARTS project initiating the exploration of co-creative works. This 3-year project was fully dedicated to the funding and monitoring of science-tech-arts residencies, and has funded and successfully implemented a total of 45 residencies up to May 2020.

Duration: December 2016 – May 2020
Management Contact Person: Hugues Vinet, vertigo.starts@ircam.fr
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Launched right after Vertigo, WearSustain was the second STARTS project seeking to stimulate collaborations between scientists, tech and artists and the first project of what would be later known as “STARTS Lighthouses”. In specific, between January 2017 and April 2019, the project has provided knowledge exchange opportunities and encouraged cross-sector and crossborder collaboration in the field of sustainable fashion and smart wearables. At the end, the project funded a total of 46 exciting and diverse projects from across Europe.

Duration: January 2017 – February 2019
Consortium: IMEC / Vrije Universiteit Brussel (coord., BE), Queen Mary University of London (UK), Blumine (IT), Datascouts (BE), University of the Creative Arts (UK), Berlin University of the Arts (DE), Digital Spaces Living Lab (BG)
Management Contact Person: Heritiana Ranaivoson ✉
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starts Resicdencies: VERTIGO

Consult the BROCHURE produced by STARTS RESIDENCIES Vertigo team, describing the co-creation methodology and the 45 residencies funded between artists and technologists. 
On Vertigo website, you can find ALL DETAILS ON THE 45 RESIDENCIES.

starts Resicdencies: Wear Sustain

Consult the BROCHURE produced by WearSustain, presenting the 46 residencies funded under this project.

starts Resicdencies: RE-FREAM

On Re-FREAM website, it is possible to find all details on the 20 PROJECTS funded to rethink the future of fashion.

starts Resicdencies: MINDSPACES

On MindSpaces website, you can discover the 6 ARTISTS SELECTED to work on three main Pilot Use Cases.

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