The Daladala-Verse: Immersive Tales of Tanzania’s rich history of public transport role in Social, Economic and Cultural Transformation

Residency Host: Ona Stories (Tanzania)
Artist: Aurelio Mofuga

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Aurelio Mofuga is a Tanzanian artist passionate about integrating immersive technologies such as AR and VR to revive stories about Tanzanian and African rich culture, which are on the verge of disappearance. This is primarily because immersive technologies like AR and VR unlock a new realm of interactivity that cannot be experienced through traditional art forms such as videos and imagery. Touted as the technologies of the future, AR and VR also enable the preservation of art without sacrificing its interactivity, thereby allowing future generations to experience it in a similar form. Thanks to meticulous scientific research aimed at uncovering insights, various cultural and artistic forms can be captured, preserved, and enhanced with technologies like AR, VR, and even generative AI. These technologies elevate the delivery and content of digital forms of art.

Ona Stories is Tanzania’s first Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Story-doing company pioneering immersive storytelling.

DIGITAL STORYTELLING – Digital media is history’s most potent storytelling tool. Ona Stories find and tell great human stories for mobile-first digital platforms, with a special focus on Africa. 

IMMERSIVE MEDIA – Ona Stories works in the future of storytelling. Pioneering the field of immersive storytelling in Tanzania. 

MEDIA TRAINING – True innovation is platform-specific. Ona Stories training brings your team to the cutting edge of media and communications today.

The Daladala initiative proposes to utilize immersive storytelling technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to capture, preserve, and narrate the cultural significance and economic impact of Tanzania’s iconic ride-share public buses. While Daladalas have long served as vital modes of transport and social hubs for Tanzanians, their prominence has diminished amidst growing competition from alternative transportation options. This project seeks to document the history and evolution of Daladalas through comprehensive research, culminating in a detailed report supplemented by various digital media forms. By integrating 3D scans, 360-degree videos, imagery, and audio narration into immersive AR and VR experiences, the initiative aims to make these stories accessible to a wide audience. Additionally, generative AI technologies will be employed to enhance historical artifacts and ensure compatibility with contemporary technological standards. Embracing AR and VR technologies not only offers unparalleled interactive experiences but also ensures the preservation of cultural heritage for future generations. Furthermore, the initiative plans to collaborate with local artists to infuse creative elements such as traditional Tanzanian music, vibrant visual art, and dynamic storytelling techniques into the immersive experiences, adding depth and richness to the narrative. Leveraging popular social media platforms for content distribution enhances accessibility and widens the reach of these immersive experiences. Ultimately, the Daladala initiative endeavors to immortalize the legacy of Daladalas and ensure their enduring impact on Tanzanian society while celebrating the fusion of technology and artistry.

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