ReACH: Research and Creation Center for eCulture and the Humanities

ReACH: Research and Creation Center for eCulture and the Humanities

May 7, 2024

Together with our S+T+ARTS partners and the HLRS Stuttgart, we launched our first Research and Creation Centre for eCulture and the Humanities from 17 to 19 April.

Why is it crucial to develop a research and creation center focused on electronic and computational culture, or eCulture? The answer lies in a pressing challenge facing today’s society: the swift advancement of technology and science. With each stride forward, the world becomes increasingly intricate, brimming with concepts that evolve rapidly. Take artificial intelligence, for instance, it yields remarkable results, yet often remains enigmatic, akin to black boxes beyond comprehension. Similarly, high-level computer simulations, integral to designing numerous products and architecture, pose questions about their depth of understanding. And let’s not forget supercomputing.

This complexity presents a significant hurdle within eCulture. Knowledge expands exponentially, making it challenging to stay informed. Consequently, many feel adrift in a sea of innovation, struggling to grasp their surroundings and inevitably relinquishing control, a sobering reality in our digitally driven age.

While this challenge impacts society at large, it holds particular significance for those in digital culture, the creative economy, and the arts. If creators within eCulture struggle to grasp the concepts shaping their work, what hope is there for the wider audience to engage meaningfully?

Enter ReACH, a proactive initiative offering solutions through three core components: an Advanced School, a CreativeLab, and an Observatory of eCulture.

The Advanced School redefines education, delivering essential knowledge precisely when and where it’s needed, departing from the conventional flood of information approach. “Just in time” replaces “just in case”. In an era of exponential knowledge growth, education must pivot towards the future.

However, realizing the Advanced School relies on robust future-focused research, a role filled by the Observatory of eCulture. Dedicated to gathering data, spearheading research, and forecasting potential scenarios, its mission is to continuously furnish the Advanced School with the latest insights.

Given that ReACH primarily targets creators within eCulture, a third pillar assumes equal importance: the CreativeLab. Here, real-time knowledge finds practical application, culminating in tangible actions and products. Moreover, the CreativeLab serves as a crucible for innovation, catalyzing projects that engender fresh inquiries and needs, thus replenishing both the Observatory and the Advanced School, perpetuating the cycle of ReACH.

In essence, establishing a research center focused on eCulture is paramount in our rapidly advancing technological landscape. ReACH offers a proactive solution, delivering timely education, fostering robust research, and catalyzing innovation. In doing so, it not only addresses the complexities within eCulture but also empowers meaningful engagement within our digitally-driven age.

Find out more soon.