Hiền Hoàng

Garden of Entanglement

The “Garden of Entanglement” project delves into the vibration and resonance of urban trees under human movement, blurring the boundaries between art, science, and environmental awareness. Utilizing seismic and high-sensitivity accelerometers (PCB 393-C) alongside 3D scanning (Faro laser, Polycam) and software like Unreal Engine, Covise, Matlab, and Max/msp, we aim to comprehend how trees resonate with various frequency lengths. Our objective is to craft immersive experiences that intimately connect audiences with the dynamic resonance of trees.

In the upcoming months, the artist will conduct experiments in Florence to gather new datasets simulating human movements and environmental stimuli, fueling dynamic simulations for virtual and physical installations. Additionally, the team plans to conduct interviews and research with arborists and biologists to gain deeper insights from their perspectives.

Scientific Perspective

The “Garden of Entanglement” project presents an alternative approach to studying urban tree dynamics and visualizing scientific findings. By analyzing acceleration data with support from HLRS in Stuttgart and collaborators, the artist seeks to elucidate tree interactions with their surroundings. The goal is to translate complex data into accessible and creative insights using advanced visualization techniques.

Potential Impact

This interdisciplinary approach aims at engaging diverse audiences through immersive experiences and promoting sustainable education, as well as raising awareness about urban tree dynamics. Notable achievements include successful experiments with data processing and visualization, paving the way for future simulations. Combining art and science shall lead to fresh perspectives and cultivating a harmonious relationship between humans and nature.