Remix El Barrio - Credits: Fab Lab Barcelona

‘I Love Science Festival 22 : Remix el Barrio workshop’

Food Waste Biomaterial Workshop

For the 2022 edition of I Love Science Festival, Bozar is offering two different but joint activities focusing on our relationship with the environment, nature and food waste. Remix el Barrio is a 2-hour Biomaterial Foodwaste Workshop at Bozar, held in English on the Saturday of the festival. The Barcelona-based designers of the Remix el Barrio collective show another way of questioning our environment and our own actions as citizen-consumers, especially regarding food waste. The team of designers creatively highlights the new products that can be created from dried tea leaves, coffee grounds, orange peels and all kinds of dried organic waste. We invite the public to experiment with small-scale, local, circular manufacturing processes that use waste as a resource, and to consider cities as real metabolic organisms.

Who is it for? For all creative minds who want to move towards more sustainable and circular materials.

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Food Waste Biomaterial Makers / Fab Lab Barcelona, Artists, design