MindSpaces Resident Artist Emmanuel Van der Auwera’s exhibition “Seeing is Revealing” at HEK

House of Electronic Arts, Basel, Switzerland
Opening on Friday, May 13, 2022, 19:00
May 14 – August 07, 2022

Emmanuel Van der Auwera‘s exhibition Seeing is Revealing at HEK – House of Electronics Art in Basel. In his expansive video installations, Van der Auwera devotes himself to questions of perception – from the mediated experience of a world seen through a smartphone to the images that come from intelligent machines. He often refers to real events, uses existing material from the Internet, which he sorts, deconstructs and transforms into impressive aesthetic image tableaus, which mirror ethical and psychological challenges for society. For his first solo exhibition in Switzerland, Van der Auwera created three new works that will be on view at HEK for the first time. The exhibition offers a representative overview of the artist’s work including recent works developed during the MindSpaces Residency supported by STARTS EU and Horizon 2020.

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