Futures Canvas

Futures Canvas | Regional S+T+ARTS Centres invite citizens around Europe to speculate about the future.

The Regional S+T+ARTS Centres invite you to zoom out of the present and join them in a thought-provoking exercise, a collective speculation on what more hopeful futures look like.

The new iteration of the crowdsourcing platform Futures Canvas, now features the challenges the Regional S+T+ARTS Centres defined for their S+T+ARTS Residencies and invites the public to join the artists and experts in speculation about the future we all want to live in.

From how to re-imagine the future relationship to Berlin’s local water bodies, possible scenarios for tourism as a sustainable and eco-sensitive industry in Cyprus, to how space migration (yes, as in outer space) might look like from a decolonial perspective, the tool gathers challenges of our every day that require us to think globally and act locally.

You can now contribute to a collective vision, by sharing your personal future expectations, desires and concerns and engaging with the thoughts of others.

Go to https://futurescanvas.com/challenges and submit or rate speculations.