Tech and arts collaborations: shifting parallel paradigms for innovation. A S+T+ARTS perspective.


STARTS Pop-upSeptember 19 20192:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Schmidt Tivoli Theater – Hamburg

A panel on arts and tech collaborations under the STARTS programme.

The discussions will focus on the co-creation experience of a ‘STARTS Residency’, giving emphasis on the creative journey between an artist and the industry/tech.

How do people with such different paradigms manage to create together? What are the main challenges when engaging in such a process? What does it take to run a successful co-creation collaboration? How can the presence of an artist in a company leverage innovation and open new perspectives in the market.

These questions will lead our exchanges both with the speakers and the audience, with who we want to explore further the benefits of hybrid collaborations in companies and the industry.


Aurélie Delater, Senior project manager, Inova +
Natan Sinigaglia, artist
Joreg Djerzinski, co-founder, vvvv
Natan Sinigaglia is laureate of the STARTS Residencies program to be part of an art-tech residency at vvvv.