Aarhus IoT Week

STARTS TalkJune 15 through June 21 201910 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Aarhus, Denmark

IoT Week is a 5 day conference where leaders from the worlds of business, tech and science shed light on the future of technology and its impact on business and life.

Part of the event, STARTS is organising 2 talks. The STARTS residency “Sleep in the city” will also be presented.

STARTS Talks – June 17

STARTS Talks are series of discussions engaging people from diverse disciplines. They aim at addressing themes from many different angles sustained by the general fields of Sciences, Technologies and the Arts. STARTS Talks target the creation of new policies or the transformation of ongoing ones. Therefore, they are always moderated by a policy maker.

Human Touch AI

Human Touch AI is an approach to the notion of Artificial Intelligence from an artistic perspective. It aims at bringing a Human Touch to the sphere of AI.It looks less at robotics and pays more attention to hybrid systems in which humans are part of the algorithmic chain. In a cybernetics driven approach, Human Touch AI understands Artificial Intelligence as a systems of systems including Emotional Intelligence and organic and bio-connectivity.

With Luis Miguel Girao (Artshare Founder) and Peter Friess (Senior Programme Officer of DG CONNECT)

Part 1: 11am to 12:30pm
Part 2: 4pm to 5:30pm

Sleep in the city – June 15 to 21

Sleep in the city is an artistic project that uses digital and IoT technology to invite the public to reflect upon the importance of sleep in urban life. The idea is to connect participants’ sleep brainwaves through the network in order to create interactive poetic videos projected around the city in real time. On one end of the installation, videos taken by the citizens of Aarhus and edited by the artists are shown on public screens of the city during the night. Whereas on the other end, there are five sleepers, (Virgile and 4 volunteers) wearing headband sensors during their sleep. The volunteers will sleep in their homes and Virgile will sleep in different public locations in Aarhus. The headband sensors measure the EEG brainwaves of the sleepers and transmit them to SmartPhones connected to the network Sleep in the City. The artists measure the five main brainwaves which are Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. The Smarphones send the data to a server that receives also noise and pollution data measured by the City. This datum (sleep brainwave data and city sensor data) will control the aesthetic of the videos in real time.

Artists : Walid Breidi and Virgile Novarina

This project is developed in the framework of STARTS Residencies, based on technological elements from Aarhus City Lab.

Discover the videos at DOKK1, Smart City Lab, at IOT Week, as well as at home if you connect to Sleep in the City YouTube channel in real time.