How AI can change our relationship with food ■ S+T+ARTS Hungry Ecocities

Prototype demonstration park16th of May, 2024
Het Nieuw Instituut in Rotterdam (NL)

Hungry EcoCities is excited to present a prototype demonstration park showcasing experiments that reimagine our relationship with food through the lens of AI technology.

May 16th at Het Nieuw Instituut in Rotterdam (NL)

Join us for an engaging evening on May 16th at Het Nieuw Instituut in Rotterdam (NL) to witness firsthand the innovative prototypes developed during our Humanizing Technology Experiments.

Living in a city often means grappling with a complex food landscape – where our food comes from, who’s involved in its production, and the challenges of finding sustainable alternatives. Trust in the food system is fragile. But with this project, we investigate how AI could offer us new avenues to navigate these complexities and build a more transparent and sustainable food future.

During the event, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the following experiments:

Food Dysmorphia
by Bernat Cuni

Food Dysmorphia (c) Bernat Cuní

By scanning any vegetable, you’ll get short stories about the product from different perspectives within the food chain, while discovering local options for locally sourced alternatives and organizations. This innovative tool stimulates awareness and understanding of the complexity of food systems and the role that parts of the food value chain currently have that are invisible to the general public.

Culinary Journey
by Jeroen van der Most

Culinary Journey (c) Jeroen van der Most

An AI marketing content creator for plant-based foods that empowers smaller food producers to create high-quality and impactful online content with their products. The tool scans a vegetable species and gives the possibility to generate content about the product with a physical connection. The tool can make consumers more aware of the different marketing strategies that large companies use to market their products and thus make more conscious choices, while giving a voice to more responsible, healthy food.

Minimum Viable Protein x Food Forest Flavours
by Genomic Gastronomy

MVPxFFF (c) Genomic Gastronomy (made using Dall-E)

An AI recipe generator that combines seasonal ingredients from food forests with protein for healthy dishes. In this digital tool, the often uncertain yields of food forests are supplemented with ingredients from other sustainable alternatives, resulting in nutritious and tasty meals.

Council of Foods
by Nonhuman Nonsense

Council of Foods (c) Nonhuman Nonsense 2024

A Large Language Model based generator of council meetings / discussions with and between food agents / personas gives food products. This project gives a voice in the debate about the food system. Visitors to the event can ask a question on the basis of which a debate arises and the food starts a conversation with each other.

by Yiannis Kranidiotis

SYMPOSIO (c) Yiannis Kranidiotis

An interactive dining experience that merges advanced sound-sensing technology with smart lighting control. With a preset of scenarios, it fosters healthier eating habits while enhancing meal satisfaction. This modular installation is easily implemented in homes, promoting sustainable eating patterns and raising awareness of our food environment. Listen how Symposio works towards illuminating mindful eating.

The above 5 prototypes have been developed within the European program Hungry EcoCities in a collaboration between artists from all over Europe, CRA- Carlo Ratti Associati, Studio Other Space, In4Art and EatThis, KU Leuven, Brno University of Technology, Mendel University of Agriculture in Brno and various experts.

Come, experience, and test these cutting-edge innovations. This will be a hybrid event, offering both in-person and digital participation. To join us physically in Rotterdam at Het Nieuw Instituut, please register HERE. Want to join digitally? Please contact us directly.


  • 7pm: Doors open
  • 7:30 pm: Welcome to Hungry EcoCities
  • 7:45 pm: Demonstration Park – featuring:

Minimum Viable Protein x Future Food Forest: Food Computer and Recipe Generator performance
Culinary Journey presentation
Food Dysmorphia performance
Symposio presentation
Council of Foods performance

  • 9.15 pm: Closure Hybrid Event – start physical networking and testing
  • 10 pm: End of physical event

Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of shaping the future of food!

The Hungry EcoCities project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement 101069990