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Culinary journeys

Culinary Journey

“Culinary Journey” aims to transform food logistics data into diverse visual documentaries and movies using creative AI methodologies. This project promises to deliver captivating visual narratives around food consumption.


Mega Scale & Local Conditions


#algorithmic driven supply chains #‘text-2-everything’ models #prompt engineering #ethical AI frameworks #algorithmic biases


Jeroen van der Most + EatThis & Studio Other Spaces + KU Leuven Institutes + In4Art


“Culinary Journey” aims to transform food logistics data into diverse visual documentaries and movies using creative AI methodologies. The objective of the project is to create an inspiring, engaging awareness towards the foods we consume. Poetic travel movies will reflect the journeys of food from its origin to its final destination, specifically emphasizing diversity in perspectives through imagery and texts.

This project will experiment with bringing the food stories to an audience in a new engaging way. The project will evaluate approaches for using generative AI models for movie creation and develop a final method to turn food logistics data into movies. It will offer audiences a previously unknown experience. A project specific exhibit setup will be developed for this.

Eventually the project learnings and its expected exposure in museum and festival exhibits, media, events and conferences will serve as a gateway to establishing deeper connections with our food, as understanding the personal journeys of our counterparts is the first step toward cultivating profound relationships.

Jeroen van der Most (The Netherlands)


Jeroen van der Most

Dutch artist Jeroen van der Most, or shorthand Most, has created art with data, algorithms, and AI since 2010. His work explores the creative possibilities of new technologies, but above all rethinks technology itself.

He works on a holistic form of technology that rebalances control and efficiency, with creativity and imagination. An approach in which the boundaries of art, nature, and the human, seem to break.
His art to date was obtained by worldwide collectors and New Zealand’s national museum Te Papa. It has been exhibited at locations as ZKM Karlsruhe, CES Las Vegas, and Dutch Design Week.

Media that covered his work included Artnet, TheNextWeb, GQ magazine, The Art Newspaper, and El Pais. Most creates artworks autonomously, but also worked in artist residencies for institutions like Technical University Delft and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.