S+T+ARTS Hungry EcoCities ○ Open Call 2 : Phase 2 > call for artists in the agri-food sector

S+T+ARTS Hungry EcoCities ○ Open Call 2 : Phase 2 > call for artists in the agri-food sector

Open CallJuly 11 to September 20, 2024

Hungry EcoCities is launching the 2nd Phase of the 2nd Open Call for Artists! We aim to explore one of the most pressing challenges of our times: the need for a more healthy, sustainable, responsible, and affordable agri-food system for all enabled by AI.

○ Call for Artists ○

July 11th, 9am to September 20th, 1pm (Brussels Time) 2024

Hungry EcoCities aims to accelerate responsible innovation in Europe’s agri-food value chains by integrating art-driven experimentation and prototyping. This second Open Call will showcase how this approach can enhance AI-enabled responsible innovation for a sustainable food chain.

We search for individual Artists who will come together with the End-Users to address specific local challenges for artist-driven experiments conducted in local test sites. The selected teams will work together on a proposal to tackle a challenge in a concrete test site provided by the End-User (e.g., supermarket, bio farm, community garden, production facility, restaurant).

Find all the info about the Open Call:

What do we offer?

  • Up to €37,500: including €1,500 per each pre-selected Artist for the Jury Day participation and €36,000 per ultimately selected Artist joining the PPE (Paths to progress Experiments) residency for 8 months.
  • Access to scientific expertise and input from the Hungry EcoCities scientist group.
  • Access to creative studios and their directions on the future of food and access to the network of the Knowledge Hubs.
  • Access to CRA Factory in Turin, with the possibility to use its equipment (3D printing, laser cutting, crafting tools, etc.) for prototyping, and receive technical support on their use (according to availability).

Who can apply?

Are you an artist eager to test innovative concepts in real-world settings? Do you have experience in the agri-food sector? If so, this opportunity is for you!

We are looking for Artists – Natural Persons running a business and those not running a business acting as an artist.
An Artist refers to:

  • person or entity, registered under NACE Code ‘9003 Artistic creation’, or
  • a self‐employed individual (freelancer) who undertakes artistic activities as a profession/job occupation, such as creative technologists, media artists, creative coders, artistic front & back-end designers & hackers, digital artists, etc.

Individual applications from Artists can be submitted between the 11th of July 2024 at 9am* and the 20th of September 2024 at 1pm* *(Brussels time)

Only applications submitted before the deadline (September 20th, 5pm CEST) through the online application form will be considered for further evaluation! 


Hungry EcoCities is dedicated to developing innovative prototypes for products and services within the agri-food sector. Our unique approach draws on artistic inspiration to tackle industrial and societal challenges in unconventional ways. The project will feature up to 10 collaborative experiments between art and the agri-food industry, known as Paths to Progress Experiments (PPEs).

The S+T+ARTS residencies and the Paths to Progress Experiments

Hungry EcoCities is a groundbreaking initiative that seeks to develop responsible, art-driven solutions for the agri-food industry using AI-enabled technologies. This program will host up to 20 S+T+ARTS residencies aimed at prototyping these solutions for end-users. These “experiments” give an opportunity to think differently, to bridge perspectives, and to give a voice to unheard actors.  

To select up to the 20 art-driven experiments, two open calls will be launched with specific themes in mind. The first call, “Humanizing Technology Experiments within AI Breakthrough Technology Domains,” is already closed and has selected 9 artists who will use artistic means to explore and prototype AI applications in the agri-food sector, which can be accessed and tested within the Paths-to-Progress experiments.   

The second call, “Paths to Progress Experiments to have AI Enabled Use Scenario Prototypes Tested in Real Environments,” will select up to 10 duos, each composed of one industrial end-user/SME from the agri-food sector and one artist, who will work together to prototype AI-enabled applications for specific use cases while raising awareness of the topic through artistic outputs.

The Hungry EcoCities residencies will be:

  1. conducted in close collaboration with one of the hosts Art and Design studios Studio Other Spaces GMBH (SOS), with Sebastian Behmann and Olafur Eliasson, Carlo Ratti Associati S.R.L.(CRA), with Monika Löve and Daniele Belleri, and Controlled Environment Agriculture network organization EatThis (Stichting Network/NTWK), with Stephan Petermann, Aart van den Bos and Rem Koolhaas
  2. supported by AI and digital tech researchers at KU Leuven institute Leuven.AI (KUL) and Brno University of Technology (BUOT), along with AgriTech researchers at Mendel University in Brno (MNDLU); 
  3. mentored by the Institute for art-driven innovation In4Art BV

Applicants can consider three directions for experimentation:  


EatThis Knowledge Hub Netherlands: led by EatThis, Stephan Petermann and Rem Koolhaas.


Studio Other Spaces Knowlege Hub Germany: led by Studio Other Spaces, founded by Sebastian Behmann and Olafur Eliasson.


Carlo Ratti Associati Knowledge Hub Italy: led by Carlo Ratti Associati partners Monika Löve and Daniele Belleri.


The Hungry EcoCities consortium partners planned two online webinars about this first Open Call to clear doubts and answer questions live.  The webinars will be recorded and shared online.

Webinar 1

The first Webinar will took place on the 11 July 2024 at 10am CEST

Webinar 2

The second Webinar will take place on the 29 August 2024 at 10am CEST


Helpdesk of Hungry EcoCities is a dedicated support tailored to ensure a smooth and efficient journey through project’s Open Calls. Have a question, concern, or need clarification on a application related matter? Simply write a question and our team will reach out to you.

For any doubts or questions, you can also reach us by email at hungryecocities@fundingbox.com 

S+T+ARTS - Funded by the European Union

The Hungry EcoCities project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement 101069990.