Recall: Spirit of the Old

Residency Host: Gallery of Code (Nigeria)
Artist: Jibril Baba

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The artist is a Nigerian innovator who transitioned from architecture to visual arts, initially feeling a lack of concreteness in their creative expression. Discovering the potential of AI and machine learning became a turning point. This technology allows them to translate the depth of their ideas into a tangible form, fostering “radical design” of their reality. Their ultimate goal is to use this intersection of art, science, and technology to create a better future, not just for themselves, but for their community facing various challenges. They view their work as a lifelong mission to use their passion and ideas to make a positive impact on the world.

Gallery of Code is Africa’s first transdisciplinary design lab at merging Arts, Science and Technology to address Africa’s challenges. It is a multi-disciplinary technology innovation, research and development company at the Avant-Garde of future systems. Gallery of Code creates innovative solutions at the intersection of technology, design and how it affects society. Its innovation lab is fully equipped with advanced modern equipment for design and development of new solutions while partnering with international institutes and establishments for research and collaboration.

The S+T+ARTS Residency at Gallery of Code will explore the food and water crisis in North-eastern Nigeria, considering the critical economic situation. By utilizing modern technologies, the project, titled “Spirit of the Old,” aims to preserve the idealized traditional practices of the past that remain relevant today.

“Spirit of the Old” involves training an AI system on food and water preservation methods. The system will identify the physical and biological properties of yam tubers and water quality. This information will be used to monitor a modernized yam barn and earthen vessel water system through data collection and analysis. The project seeks to reinvent these traditional structures as tangible tools for food and water storage in Nigeria.

The prototype will feature yam casings equipped with Internet of Things (IoT) sensors. These sensors will monitor the health of the yams and provide predictive recommendations. The system will also be able to determine water quality factors like pH level and turbidity. Over the course of the six-month residency, the artist will develop a storytelling exploration that delves into the history of food and water insecurity in Nigeria. This exploration will culminate in an interactive visual storytelling installation. Murals within the installation will depict climate change, food insecurity, and conflict in Nigeria.

The artist’s hope is that the project will not only provide an improved food and water storage system but also function as an interactive interface that narrates an ancient Nigerian story.

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