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Peer-To-Peer Learning | Challenge nº13

How might we engage kids and young adults in informal peer-to-peer learning, learning through playing with critical use of AI technology? 

Consortium Partner: Kersnikova

EU Green Deal:GD8 Mainstreaming sustainability in all EU policies

Problem Statement

The process of school learning ex-cathedra typically transferred top-down cloning existing knowledge.

How to engage kids and young adults into attractive, playful, creative, innovative learning with the help of artificial intelligence in order to achieve critical thinking and intellectual emancipation.


Education, Peer-to-peer knowledge transfer, Critical thinking, Intellectual emancipation, AI assistant, Community building

Challenge Context

The school’s way of teaching knowledge does not enable us to keep up with the rapid changes that require new knowledge from society, which is why we started to educate children and young people for the professions of the future in the non-governmental sector with the help of a workshop.

Since the number of participants of workshops are limited and workshop execution confined to the bigger cities the reach to kids and young adults is rather short.

The goal is to create digitalized informal learning environment in which children and young adults learn and play, connect with each other and learn from each other (children teach children, peer-to-peer) and the possible use of AI algorithm as a mentoring tool. 

Fellowship Characteristics: network, opportunities, and expectations

The fellowship partners will be: SOLVESALL D.O.O. (SA) is a spinoff company from Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (AILAB), Jozef Stefan Institute (JSI). Luka Bradeško of CEO of Solvesall is a co-author of the Curious Cat Chatbot that was built upon a common-sense AI algorithm developed at Stanford University since the ’80s of the previous century. We see abandoned Curious cat applications as a great opportunity for innovative repurpose.

The artist will be granted access to the partners’ venues, expertise and technologies upon need and request. The artist should be able to reflect on the limitations of traditional teaching methods and critically employ the knowledge harvested from the experience in interaction with AI/Curious cat.

The artist will be invited to create a visual interactive environment for peer-to-peer learning from which a design for an online tool can be developed.

Jury Day(s)

Jury day will be: hybrid
Jury day will be held between 13-19 January 2022 (TBC)

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