May 3, 2024

From April 8th to 10th, 2024, the inaugural S+T+ARTS AIR in-person workshop took place, graciously hosted by RCR Arquitectes in La Vila.

The workshop brought together ten distinguished artists, recipients of the AIR Open Call, alongside representatives from eight partner institutions spanning five countries. Participants hailed from diverse domains including technology, research, industry, and culture, fostering a rich exchange of perspectives and expertise.

During the workshop, artists seized the opportunity to present their pioneering projects and experiments, showcasing their creative vision and offering valuable insights on the AIR framework. The event served as a catalyst for collaboration and innovation, setting the stage for future endeavors in the realms of art, technology, and creativity.

In addition to the engaging discussions and presentations, the workshop also featured the filming of shots for the upcoming AIR FILM, capturing the vibrant energy and collaborative spirit of the gathering.

For a glimpse into the exciting projects and initiatives emerging from the S+T+ARTS AIR workshop, be sure to check out the AIR Teaser, available here:

Find out more soon.