Styliani Petroudi

Senior Project Manager, CYENS Centre of Excellence

Dr Styliani Petroudi received her BScE and MScE in Electrical Engineering with a focus in signal and image processing from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, with a Fulbright Scholarship. She continued her studies at the Wolfson Medical Vision Laboratory (MVL) at the University of Oxford, funded by a grant from Cancer Research – UK, under the supervision of Professor Sir Michael Brady. Whilst at Oxford she was voted the treasurer of the Oxford University Greek Society.

Following her DPhil, she remained at the University of Oxford as a postdoctoral research associate, working closely with researchers from CR-UK and NCRI on oncological imaging and visualization related issues. Styliani’s research focuses on the analysis and interpretation of medical data (mainly 2D images, 3D volumes) using image processing (focusing on texture), statistical analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning for the better understanding, and early detection and diagnosis of human illnesses and especially cancer. Styliani has worked as a visiting academic at the University of Cyprus, the Open University Cyprus and the University of Girona. Styliani was also the Coordinator of a Research Excellence Proposal funded by the Research Promotion Foundation for the development of personalised breast cancer detection systems.

Dr Petroudi also holds an MBA from the University of Cyprus, and has worked as an officer at the Research and Innovation Foundation Cyprus. Styliani is currently the Senior Project Manager of the CYENS Centre of Excellence.