Perttu Ratilainen

Co-Founder, Reallabor Radbahn gUG & paper planes e.V

Perttu Ratilainen is a Berlin-based, sustainability focused project-creator. Among others, he is a co-founder of the 9 km long Radbahn-bike park initiative in Berlin – under and along the historic, elevated metroline U1 – and think-and-do-tank paper planes e.V. that explores social and technological ideas that will lead to more environmentally and human friendly and thus more livable urban spaces. Currently Perttu serves as co-CEO at the Reallabor Radbahn-project funded by the Federal Government and the Senate of Berlin. Reallabor Radbahn brings the Radbahn-concept into reality in a form of a showcase in Berlin’s Kreuzberg, participation, further studies and communication as well as assesses the transferability of the project learnings for other locations.

Prior to moving to Berlin in 2014, Perttu worked at Philip Morris International in Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and Canada where the last position of his cross-functional career was the head of corporate affairs for the Nordics-business unit.

Perttu has Bachelor and Master of Science, both in International Business, from Estonia and Finland.