Nicolas Netien

General Manager, Bio-Solea ltd

Nicolas is an environmental engineer specializing in Soil Biology and Regenerative Agriculture. His passion is to design productive agro-ecosystems in adversary climates. He has been working with the Permaculture Design framework for over 15 years, both in the private and public sector in the fields of environmental conservation, sustainable development, waste management and organic agriculture. Nicolas is also actively involved in the development, research and implementation of IoT, AI and blockchain technologies for use in smart farming and food traceability.

A passionate teacher and lecturer, Nicolas’ mission is to help speed up the world’s transition towards sustainable and circular production systems. Nicolas is currently the General Manager of Bio-Solea, a multi-disciplinary project in the Troodos mountains, which produces organic products and aspires to host a research center and the first ever high-end, self-sustained eco-lodge to be built in Cyprus. Nicolas acts as the leader of the “Agronomy and Planetary Health” group at the University of Yale Olive Institute. He has been awarded the rank of Knight of the Order of Agricultural Merit by the French Republic for his work in the field of agro-ecology.