Art Hub Copenhagen

Mads Kring

Head of outreach and education
The Planetarium, The Planetarium

In 2012, I achieved my master degree in History and Philosophy of Science from the University of Roskilde with the Experimentarium as partner institution. During my studies I worked both as a guide at the Medical Museion and as a project officer in the Experimentarium. Both places I developed a profound interest in science and outreach through both exhibitions, educational programs and events. After my studies I had a short position as an exhibition developer at the National History Museum of Denmark (NHMD).

I primarily worked with research and development of the exhibit of the great work of Flora Danica in two exhibitions; Flora Danica and Flora Danica ZOOM. But I also did several events with researchers in the NHMD event series Vin & Videnskab. After the position at the NHMD I went on to a position in 2013 at a waste management company, Vestforbrænding, that runs a large outreach department and several educational programs. Initially my position was temporary with development of 12 small films about recycling, waste management and reducing waste, but over the years and several other projects it developed into to a permanent position and I got responsible for developing an entire educational and interactive laboratory about energy, central heating and waste management.

In 2018 I shifted to the Planetarium of Copenhagen as responsible for the educational programs and in 2020 I got promoted to head of outreach and education. In this position I have developed several outreach programs for both the general public and schools.

As a philosopher of science it feels like coming home doing outreach at the Planetarium.