Ars Electronica

Kathrin Obernhumer

Head of Innovation Office, City of Linz

Kathrin Obernhumer works as an innovation evangelist and project curator at the intersection of technology, social innovation and the arts. She truly believes in the potential of Art-Science collaboration and, therefor, creates transdisciplinary and new work environments. Her career path has taken her to the Ars Electronica Festival and Futurelab and the makerspace Grand Garage, both located in Linz/Austria.

In spring 2021 Kathrin has taken on the role as director of the Linz Innovation Office (Innovationshauptplatz), focussing on making innovation accessible and tangible for citizens by involving individuals, communities, creatives and institutions alike in creating the present and future of the city. Moreover, she manages the, a Linz-based digital innovation hub promoting forward-looking and sustainable working environments for SMEs.

Credit: Antje Wolm