Elena Giulia Rossi

Professor, Curator, Academy of Fine Arts, Rome

Elena Giulia Rossi lives and works in Rome where, amongst her activities, she continues to work on a study she began in the late nineties on contemporary art and its encounter with technology and science. The analysis of new forms of experimental and multidisciplinary works often coincided with that of numerous socio-anthropological nuances in contemporary culture. She is currently the editorial director of the online project Arshake.

Reinventing Technology ( which she founded in 2013. She occasionally writes for catalogues, magazines and newspapers. Since 2013 she is a guest lecturer teaching Net Art and Theory of Multimedia Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts (Rome). She is the author of Archeonet (Lalli Editore, Siena 2003) and of Mind the Gap. La vita tra bioarte, arte ecologica e post internet (Postmedia.books, Milan 2020)