Alden Jacobs

Co-founder & Director of program development, Visual Voices

Alden Jacobs is the co-founder and director of program development at Visual Voices. In this role, he has helped develop the Visual Voices core methodology focused on visual artists and peace education. Alden has a MSSc in Peace and Conflict Research from Uppsala University in Sweden, where he was a Rotary Peace Fellow.

He received a BA in International Studies from the University of Oregon, USA. His professional experience has focused on project management for international community development initiatives. Areas of work include Honduras, Mozambique and Cyprus. He is passionate about community development, community involvement, peacebuilding and youth.

His goal is to help communities promote peace advocacy at a local and international level. Visual Voices is a non-profit organization that supports young visual artists from communities affected by violent conflicts. The organization’s goal is to promote the creation of contemporary art that addresses the need for positive social change around challenges resulting from violent conflict and to build space for these ideas to be shared. Key projects include international residency programs for socially engaged artists, connecting artists with civil society initiatives, and building platforms of expression