Live Stream: Get a €200K grant through Better Factory!

Live Stream: Get a €200K grant through Better Factory!

Better Factory Live StreamTuesday 28 June15:00 CEST

On Tuesday 28 June, at 15:00 CEST, join this exclusive Live Stream interview from the European Robotics Forum to find out how to apply to Better Factory. Get a grant of up to €200K and business support to redesign and digitalise the products and services of a manufacturing SME (in teams of 1 artist, 1 SME, 1 technology supplier).

In this live interview, Better Factory will be speaking to Technical Coordinator, Ali Muhammad (European Dynamics), as well as project partners Tânia Moreira (Inova+), and Antonio Montalvo (Fundingbox), to get the scoop on how to apply to the project and increase your chances of being successful. There will also be a live Q&A with our current beneficiaries, to hear how the project has already helped them, and their tips for applying.

Applicants are currently encouraged to register an Expression of Interest (by Saturday 25th June, 2022), before being matched into teams with two other applicants and given the support they need to jointly write a full proposal for the Open Call (by Tuesday 15th November, 2022).

If successful in winning a spot during the Open Call, participants will explore new markets using digital tools, test and develop new lean-agile production technologies, make deals through the Robotics and Automation MarketPlace (RAMP), access training to re-skill staff, receive business support and mentoring, and to get up to €200K funding.

In particular, artists will be able to collaborate with Manufacturing SMEs for the redesign and co-creation of new products and services. Artists can spur innovations on the path to digital transformation with manufacturing SMEs, create new business opportunities and expand their portfolio.

Better Factory is a project funded by the European Commission, which supports manufacturing SMEs to collaborate with artists to develop new and personalized products. At the same time, it gives SMEs the technology they need to become cyber-physical systems, transforming them into lean-agile production facilities capable of manufacturing new and personalised products along with existing ones. They are currently on their second round of experiments, having already had 7 teams pass through a one-year cycle together.

As applications are now open for the second Open Call, Better Factory are looking for artists, manufacturing SMEs and technology providers to join this year’s cohort. If you work in plastic and rubber, furniture and wood, food and agriculture, construction, metal and machinery, and textile and leather, then this could be for you!

Put an alert in your calendar 📅, and get ready to learn about how to apply!

Join us Live via this link (on Tues. 28 June, 15:00 CEST).