Frequently Asked Questions – S+T+ARTS4Water Open Call

The Residencies

How long do the residencies last? Am I expected to be physically present throughout the whole duration of the residency?

The residencies will take place between October 2021 and June 2022. The maximum duration of the residency is set at 6 months. During this 6 month period, the artist will be required to be physically present at the partner institution for work meetings together with the partners of the supporting network. The frequency and duration of these periods will be decided upon by mutual consent between the artist and the partner institution. 

What alternatives have you thought of if there are restrictions due to COVID-19?

In the unfortunate event of a new wave of COVID-19 infections affecting the possibility of travelling between regions in Europe,the residence will be remote and physical presence will be postponed to a new date in mutual agreement between the artist and the partner institution.

Rights and responsibilities

What are my responsibilities as an artist in residence?

  • The selected artist is expected to develop a project taking into account the objectives of the overall STARTS4WATER project, considering the interaction between art, science and technology. 
  • The artist must be willing to establish dialogue and exchange knowledge with the experts appointed by the partner institution for the development of the project.
  • The selected artist is expected to respect the timings and to meet the milestones decided upon in agreement with the partner institution.  
  • The artist is required to sign a collaboration agreement provided by the partner institution in order to receive the grant and to use the budget available for the realisation of the project.
  • The artist is expected to provide all the material required for communication purposes, before, during and after the realisation of the residency.

What is expected from me at the end of the residency?

At the end of the residency the artist is expected to have completed a presentable work and to participate with it in all the presentation moments planned by the consortium of the STARTS4WATER project.

What financial reporting obligations do I have? Is any accountability required on the way the funds have been used?

The artist will report to the STARTS4Water partner organising the residency and will be responsible for the proper administration of any costs and expenses incurred during the residency, and for maintaining financial accounts, in accordance with the rules of the European Commission.

What is foreseen regarding intellectual property rights?

Results are owned by the party that generates them. In case of joint ownership – unless otherwise agreed − each of the joint owners will be entitled to use their jointly owned results for non-commercial research activities on a royalty-free basis, and without requiring the prior consent of the other joint owner(s).

How will the results of my work be communicated?

The projects developed in the ten STARTS4Water residencies will be presented in exhibitions dedicated to the project, via the website and social networks. In addition, each of the partner institutions will organise specific events such as public presentations, talks and round tables dedicated to the project.

The work(s) produced will also be disseminated through the STARTS4Water Academy programme, which include educational activities and networking events.