S+T+ARTS at EU@SXSW 2024

Showcasing the artwork of Nick Ervinck, originator of the S+T+ARTS Prize trophy

Nick Ervinck is an important European artist based in Belgium, and supported by the EU through the STARTS initiative. Specializing in 3D printing and various manufacturing technologies, Nick has been at the forefront of advancing cumulative printing techniques and crafting cutting-edge artworks.

European Commission Vice President Margrethe Vestager met with the artist Nick Ervinck and Violeta Vasileva who introduced STARTS and the AR exhibition to the Vice-President.

From left to right: Nick Ervinck, Vice President Margrethe Vestager, Violeta Vasileva

At EU@SXSW, Nick’s 3D artworks came to life in 3D Augmented Reality

The exhibition was part of the S+T+ARTS GRIN project on art-driven innovation for the digital and green transition, promoting cross-regional-disciplinary cooperation in the EU. The experience is powered by XR.PLUS (European entrepreneurship based in the French Region of Normandie is leading the global market of Extended Reality).

Online visitor can still discover the artwork ! Because it is based on web technologies, there is no need for XR PLUS contemplators to download any app to experience XR compositions.

Click on the links below, scan the QR codes and voilà! You can move 3D sculptures around with a swipe of your fingertip, positioning them wherever you feel like!


+ Democracy: https://swll.to/mudwF8
+ Climate Change: https://swll.to/MGyv5Y
+ Food Sustainability: https://swll.to/RY1Cyl
+ Artificial Intelligence: https://swll.to/h7HXIk
+ Transatlantic Cooperation: https://swll.to/LijIP4

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