The 28th edition of the International Symposium on Electronic Art will be held in Paris, France, following past editions in China, Colombia, South Africa, South Korea, and Canada.

ISEA2023 will bring together nearly 2000 international creators, researchers, and innovators, along with more than 100 000 anticipated visitors. Partnered with actors in 60 participating countries, the event will lend international visibility digital ecosystems around the world, and to the French scene in particular. The event is also intended to raise public awareness regarding new forms of digital creation and the contemporary social issues to which they pertain.

In an era of global crisis — ecologic and economic; sanitary and socio-political — symbiosis is a notion that allows us to explore the metamorphoses afoot and to imagine possible futures. This symposium offers an incubator where artists, designers, scientists, and other thinkers will dialogue and debate on process and practice, exhibiting novel projects along the way.

Symbiosis is a cornerstone of life itself — no organism, nor any species more widely, could survive in isolation and without reciprocity. This applies as much to human societies as to the rapport of those societies with their surrounding environments. More than a simple co-existence, symbiosis implies interdependence. It can be positive, neutral, or negative, varying according to the dynamic between the rapport’s attendant parts. We must, then, choose our symbiotic models wisely. This is the orienting goal of this year’s conference.

Symbiosis — at once object, subject, and pre-condition for this international gathering.

ISEA2023 is a symbiotic event: trans-disciplinary (including visual arts, theater, music, design, cinema, sociology, philosophy, economics, engineering, mathematics, biology, and more) and inter-sectorial, concerning the arts, creatives industries, research, and citizenship more widely.