‘I Love Science Festival 22: Silencing the Virus’

Virtually diving into the heart of a virus-infected beehive

For the 2022 edition of I Love Science Festival, Bozar is offering two different but joint activities focusing on our relationship with the environment, nature and food waste.

The sound and audiovisual performance by artist Lily Hunter Green, Silencing the Virus, is presented in Tour & Taxis, in the presence of the artist, in the form of a participatory happening that can accommodate 10 people at the same time, every 30 minutes. The public of all ages puts on a protective suit, wears a headset and uses a smartphone to follow the instructions to immerse themselves in the interactive experience. The experience involves virtually diving into the heart of a virus-infected beehive. To respond to the rapid spread of the virus, the visitor must move through the space and find the perfect social distance to stop the contamination.

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