FOLD project of Better Factory wins the I4MS Disruptor Award

On 20 October, the I4MS Disruptor Award was awarded to the FOLD project – Better factory.
FOLD is expanding the production and usage possibilities of a new and promising sustainable material: stone paper. Working on a modular robot, leading the way in using stone paper to replace current plastics and paper in packaging solutions.

The I4MS Disruptors Awards honour the most innovative Application Experiments in additive manufacturing, CPS and IoT, robotics and HPC. The awarded initiatives are granted with the widest visibility on the I4MS website and community as well as offline visibility, namely through the participation in world-class Events where they are put in contact with other partners, stakeholders, founders and investors.

Out of all the I4MS initiatives of the 2022 edition, FOLD, an art-tech-industry project, was identified and selected as the most disruptive. An important event for the S+T+ARTS approach, a this away gives visibility to a residency project that operates inside a highly manufacturing/tech-oriented environment.