CALL for S+T+ARTS PRIZE winners and honorary mentions – S+T+ARTS Cross-fertilization program

STARTS PRIZE is pleased to announce the creation of a new program – the “STARTS Cross-fertilization Program” – to support STARTS Prize recognised teams (winners and honorary mentions) to further explore their creative potential and have greater social, economic and sustainable impacts.

The Program considers the level of expertise of the STARTS PRIZE recognised teams and follows a method aiming at encouraging cross-fertilization. It provides support from different types of mentors, challenges the teams to explore and test their projects in different environments and co-organize masterclasses to share their experience with other individuals or organisations interested in sci-tech-arts projects.

How to join the program?

The program will support three (3) recognised STARTS Prize teams (winners and honorary mentions). Interested teams shall prepare a proposal and submit it by 31 October 2022 (23h59 Portugal time).

Type of proposals

STARTS Prize recognised teams can propose:

  • to further develop their STARTS Prize recognised project;
  • or to explore another project also built upon science-tech-arts intersections.


The program will support three (3) recognised STARTS Prize teams with:

  • up to 12.000€ each winner project (for fees, travel costs, etc.);
  • Group learning sessions with experts (*);
  • High-level individual mentorship (*);
  • Networking and promotion through EU events and communities.

(*) experts and mentors paid by the program.

Relevant Dates

31 Oct. 2022 – Proposals submissions deadline
05 Dec. 2022 – Release of results
Jan.–Jun. 2023 – STARTS Cross-Fertilization Program

Contact: Tânia Moreira, INOVA+,