Call for Manufacturing SMEs/ Mid-caps, Artists and Tech Suppliers

Digital Innovation Hubs

The 1st Better Factory Open Call for Full Proposals will be launched in May 2021. Before that, a preliminary call was launched with the aim at selecting the most innovative challenges addressed by Manufacturing SMEs and Mid-caps and to identify Artists and Tech Suppliers willing to address and collaborate with the Manufacturing SMEs.

This “individual application” process welcomes applications submitted electronically through one of the three calls:

Apply now for a chance to enter one of the successful consortia which will:

  • Explore new markets using digital technologies
  • Test & develop new Lean-Agile production technologies with RAMP
  • Access training to re-skill staff
  • Get business support and mentoring
  • Receive up to EUR 200,000equity-free funding.

1st STEP
Deadline for submissions:
18. March 2021


Once the Manufacturing SMEs EoIs are selected, the selected applicants will enter a matchmaking process to ensure the articulation of quality consortia that can submit successful proposals to the 1st Better Factory Open Call.

This step consists in the publishing of the manufacturing SMEs/Mid-caps challenges in the Co-creation Space of the RAMP Marketplace and a matchmaking process through RAMP will start, first between Technology Suppliers and Manufacturing SMEs, and then with the Artists.

Thanks to the matchmaking process, Manufacturing SMEs/Mid-caps, Artists, and Tech Suppliers will be able to apply to the 1st Better Factory Open Call for Knowledge Transfer Experiments (KTE). Joint proposals from consortia composed of 1 Manufacturing SME, 1 Artist, and 1 Tech Supplier will be welcomed. Consortia not having followed the matchmaking process will be eligible too.

During the lifetime of the project, 2 Open Calls will be launched. A total of 8 KTEs will be selected for funding per Open Call.

Call open: May 2021.


Better Factory is a 4-year H2020-funded project aiming at helping manufacturers to enter new markets with customisable, personalised products or service portfolios. Within its lifetime, Better Factory will select 16 Experiments by Manufacturing SMEs and will support the transformation of their business by fostering collaboration and partnership with Artists and Technology Suppliers. 

The project is coordinated by VTT (Finland) and includes 28 partners from 18 European countries representing the arts ecosystem, technology providers, industrial clusters, technology suppliers, business developers, legal framework, and communication and dissemination. Better Factory is part of the S+T+ARTS.