S+T+ARTS ReSilence Second Open Call winners announcement

November 27, 2023

S+T+ARTS ReSilence announces winners of 2nd Open Call for 10 S+T+ARTS Residencies.

The S+T+ARTS ReSilence 2nd open call received over 130 applications from 86 individuals, 44 artists+SMEs , from 30 countries. ReSilence selected 6 individual artitsts and 4 artists and SME pairs. Residencies start from January 2024 for a maximum duration of 18 months.

Type: Individual Artist

S+T+ARTS ReSilence Artists in Residency:  Abel & Carlo Korinsky

Project: resonance

In mathematical terms, sound never reaches zero amplitude; it approaches infinitesimally small values as time tends to infinity. This concept focuses on mathematical modeling and limits, serving as a thought experiment rather than reflecting the real-world behavior of sound. How can past sound models shape future cities?


Abel Korinsky

studied Music, German language and literature, social sciences and history in Wuppertal and completed with Master in Arts (Sound Studies at UdK Berlin).

Carlo Korinsky

studied Music, German language and literature, social sciences and history in Wuppertal and completed with Master in Arts (Sound Studies at UdK Berlin).

S+T+ARTS ReSilence Artist in Residency:  Alevtina Kakhidze

Project: Reds Are Always Longer?

Guided by an artist, local youth in the Netherlands, Belgium and Ukraine will explore the relationship between color and sound in their surroundings and share the experience of the physical phenomenon from a human perspective.


Alevtina Kakhidze

Born in Zhdanivka, Ukraine, in 1973. A multidisciplinary artist whose practice encompasses performance, drawing, time-based media, curation and collaborative works and investigates complex issues from consumerism to plant culture, and from feminism to life in armed conflict zones. She graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts in Kyiv and Jan van Eyck Academie (Maastricht, Netherlands). Based in Muzychi, Ukraine, 26 kilometers from the capital city of Kyiv.

S+T+ARTS ReSilence Artist in Residency:  Brigitta Muntendorf


SOUND OF STORY is a research cluster consisting of artistic presentations and micro-studies focusing on the interactions between perception and narration in immersive and 3D-Audio soundscape. Audio theater, space opera, audio-tactile installations – the aim of SOUND OF STORY is to create new performance formats and new roles for the audience.


Brigitta Muntendorf

The German-Austrian composer Brigitta Muntendorf has internalized referentiality (music to kin) as a compositional principle in her music and creates a multi-layered web of analog-digital musical modes of expression. Her settings range from instrumental, choral, and orchestral music to transdigital music/dance theater and 3D sound/AR installations.

She lived in artist residencies of the Cité Internationale des Arts and the Villa Kamogawa in Paris and Kyoto, received the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation’s Young Composer’s Prize and the German Young Music Authors Award of GEMA, is the founder of Ensemble Garage and former artistic director of the queer FMN Festival. Her works are shown by festivals and museums worldwide such as Ruhrtriennale, Donaueschinger Musiktage, Tanz im August, Hollandfestival, Kyoto Experiment, TPAM Festival or Warsaw Autumn. Her installations have been presented at Kunsthalle Mannheim, Duolun MoMa Shanghai or BANKArt Temporary (Yokohama), among others.  She works with numerous ensembles like Ensemble Modern, Klangforum Wien or Les Siècles and recently presented her new 3D audio space oratorio ORBIT – A War Series for AI-Voice-Clones and electronics at the La Biennale in Venice. Since 2018 she is professor for composition in Cologne. In 2023 her Trilogy for Two Pianos and live electronics (GrauSchumacher Piano Duo) was awarded with the German Record Critics’ Award.

S+T+ARTS ReSilence Artist in Residency:  Guillem Serrahima


Ubiquitous Noise is a research-creation project on electromagnetic pollution, technological unconscious, and their psychosomatic and biological impacts. The investigation will travel to one of the world’s ‘quiet zones’ – areas free of electromagnetic interference – with the aim of providing an embodied experience of ubiquitous noise and its effects on the biosphere, via an immersive installation.


Guillem Serrahima

Researcher and artist in digital technologies, interested in the history of cybernetics, artificial perception and media ecology. He is currently PhD student at the University of Paris 8 and research associate at NEST, UC Berkeley. He has taught at various universities and art and design schools, and is currently professor at BAU (Barcelona). Parallel to his academic career he is making a trilogy of medium-length films about the role of noise in contemporary technoecologies. The first film Noise Traffic (2022) was about the role of noise in automated financial markets and was partly made with AI. The second, Ubiquitous Noise, will be made in the framework of Re-Silence. He is also co-founder and co-editor of I.F Publications.

S+T+ARTS ReSilence Artist in Residency:  Lea Luka Tiziana Sikau

Project : the gut rehearses to tell you something

How often does your gut rehearse to tell you something but is overheard? the gut rehearses to tell you something is a performance installation that intertwines sound art and philosophies of science with neurogastroenterology. Via sonic means, it explores intimate ways of multi-organ communication that queer the medicalized gut.


Lea Luka Tiziana Sikau

Lea Luka Sikau (she/her) is an Artist-Researcher, conducting her PhD on critical posthumanism, new music and rehearsal ethnography at the University of Cambridge. She teaches on artistic research processes at Humboldt University Berlin and Seoul National University. Sikau has been a Bavarian American Academy Fellow at Harvard University’s Mellon School for Performance and Theater Research and was awarded with the Bavarian Cultural Award for her research at MIT’s Center for Art, Science and Technology. She has worked with some of the most sought-after visionaries in the arts such as Romeo Castellucci, Marina Abramović and Stefan Kaegi (Rimini Protokoll). As a media artist and mezzosoprano, Sikau was commissioned by Ars Electronica Festival, transmediale, Impakt, Ensemble Modern and Climate Week NYC.

S+T+ARTS ReSilence Artists in Residency:  Wen Liu & Alexander Hackl

Project : Uncanny Reverie

Embark on an interactive music journey weaving AI and climate narratives through audience engagement. Exploring the fusion of scientific research and artistic storytelling, it examines how temperature parameters shape the predictability of AI-generated music. The project unfolds a resonant tale, guiding us through our shared environmental destiny.


Wen Liu

Wen Liu is a composer and  multidisciplinary artist. Her work is driven by a deep passion for exploring the intersection of science, technology, and visual arts. She is the founder and artistic director of the festival: M.A.R.S. (Music & Arts ReSound), and the collective Studio M.A.R.S. (Music Art Research Science).

Wen graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor and a Master of Arts in Music Composition from the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna, and pursued a Ph.D. in Music Composition at University of California, San Diego.Her acclaimed work, showcased at global festivals like La Biennale di Venezia, Ars Electronica Festival, Wien Modern, Steirische Herbst. She has earned her prestigious awards, including the Ö1 Talentebörse-Kompositionspreis, Austria Staatsstipendium, City of Vienna Musikstipendium, Goethe Institut’s ‘AI to Amplify’ Fellowship, among various others.

Alexander Hackl

Vienna-based, multifaceted artist Alexander Hackl, delved into the intersection of human bodies and technology during his “Experimental Media” studies. His acclaimed “Bodymapping Framework” was globally showcased at events like M.A.R.S. Festival and TedX. As a key figure in Studio Thisplay (2016–2022), he crafted interactive installations, including “SIMILARITIES” and “Big Data Spine,” earning the German Design Award. Since 2020, Alexander has contributed to the electro-pop duo Laikka, presenting notable works like “The Grey Edge” and “the ocean is a blue/black/gray/brown/black ocean.” His latest project, “Realistic, Close,” explores AI, bodies, gender, and bias, complemented by curating the 2023 exhibition “Unassigned At Birth”.

Type: Artist + SME pair

S+T+ARTS ReSilence Artist+SME pair in Residency:  Ari Benjamin Meyers, Halsey Solutions

Project : Social Soundscapes (The Invisible Choir)

We envision through the use and combination of specially designated public spaces, specifically designed interactive components and tools, social composition and new technologies such as AR and AI the creation of an ever evolving invisible choir, an immaterial communal orchestra blurring the lines between participant and spectator, pass-by and performer.

Artist Bio

Ari Benjamin Meyers

Ari Benjamin Meyers (b. 1972, USA) is an artist and composer living and working in Berlin. He received his training at The Juilliard School, Yale University, and Peabody Institute. His internationally presented works – such as Kunsthalle for Music (2018), Symphony 80 (with the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra) and Solo for Ayumi (both 2017) – explore structures and processes that redefine the performative, social, and ephemeral nature of music as well as the relationship between performer and audience. A number of recent works including The Long Parade (2021), Rehearsing Philadelphia, and Werksorchester (both 2022) focus on the public and civic spheres and involve large scale communal performances. Currently his new performances Unless (as part of Shared Landscapes) and Forecast (LX23) are touring throughout Europe.

SME profile

Halsey Solutions

Through the conception and continued development of Roundware, an open source, contributory audio augmented reality platform, Halsey Solutions specializes in using the affordances of modern technologies – mobile phones, GPS, AI and more – to research and deploy geo-located sound-based projects in public space. We have worked with artists, cultural organizations and festivals to build evolving audio experiences that are assembled in real-time for each participant based on how they traverse a physical landscape and what unique audio recordings they choose to contribute.

S+T+ARTS ReSilence Artist+SME pair in Residency: Lugh O’ Neill, Temporary Pleasure

Project: An ephemeral spatial sound environment

The project aligns Temporary Pleasure’s architectural solutions for events and music experiences, with Lugh O’Neill’s spatial sound and music composition, the combining of which will be conducive to creating space for unprecedented music experiences which innovate by taking cues from other formats and media, allowing for versatile productions.

Artist Bio

Lugh O’ Neill

Lugh O’Neill’s work navigates a space formed by the overlap between what is recognisably tangible and the aseptic sterility of the digital – the separation of which is continuously challenged. In recent works, Lugh has focused on emphasising the potential of spatialisation in music composition.Lugh has performed and exhibited at venues such as KW Berlin, MAXXI Rome, Sonar Barcelona, CCCB Barcelona, ZKM Karlsruhe, Cafe OTO London, and regularly collaborates with artists such as Jakob Kudsk Steensen, Tomas Saraceno, Doireann O’Malley, Ian Cheng, Petrit Halilaj and Alvaro Urbano, Marie Requa Gailey, Dylan Kerr and Leisha Thomas.As co-founder of C.A.N.V.A.S. Lugh has released his works such as Re Munus, directed events and co-produces other works released on the label.

SME profile

Temporary Pleasure is an architecture and design collective generating temporary spaces and moments in time. We take a ‘360’ approach combining spatial design, activation & creative production. We design and produce projects at the intersection of architecture, nightlife, art & culture – independently and in collaboration with people like FKA Twigs, Dekmantel, and Fundacio Mies Van Der Rohe.

For each project, we run a participatory workshop guiding participants to design and build a site-specific venue together.Our design philosophy is based on ‘hacking’ existing spaces and circular construction technologies to create subversive zero waste temporary spaces.

S+T+ARTS ReSilence Artist+SME pair in Residency: Paul Louis, Impulse Audio Lab

Project: biomimetic network of sound for future cities

This project addresses urban sound chaos by developing a biomimetic sound algorithm inspired by biophony, the structured organization of sounds in nature . Using IoT technology and advanced sound algorithms, the goal of this project will be to create a well-sounding, inclusive urban sound environment.

Artist Bio

Paul Louis

Paul Louis, a UX/UI sound design and creative director, has been contributing to the auditory landscape since 2016. His work includes designing AVAS sounds for prominent vehicle manufacturers and crafting distinctive sound logos for a well-known payment processing company, kitchen manufacturers and online retailer.His versatility extends to music curation for a leading financial institution and innovative projects for notable software companies. Additionally, Paul shares his knowledge and experience by teaching interactive sound design at HMKW.He continues to push the boundaries of how sound is interwoven with our daily environments and experiences. His approach to sound design is grounded in everyday life, creating soundscapes that are not only immersive but also harmonious, reflecting a thoughtful and holistic perspective in his field.

SME profile

Impulse Audio Lab is a creative agency that specializes in audio innovation, situated right at the cross-section between experience-driven sound design and audio software development.Leveraging a decade of experience working with key OEMs and suppliers from around the world, ventures into artificial intelligence and a constantly expanding product portfolio, our team is instrumental in shaping the future of automotive sound.We are driven by a passion for exceptional and meaningful audible experiences.

S+T+ARTS ReSilence Artist Collective+SME pair in Residency:  Steps and Marches Collective, OOF Gallery

Project: Home Field Advantage

Home Field Advantage questions the chants and jeers at a football match as a social phenomena in itself. Through sound recordings from within Tottenham Stadium, workshops, and research in the laboratories of ReSilence partners, the Steps and Marches Collective will produce a new body of artworks, which will be exhibited at OOF Gallery, within the walls of the stadium itself.

Artist Bio

Steps and Marches Collective

The Steps and Marches Collective combines the skills and expertise of Lieven Bertels, Mark Burman, and Marcin Dudek. Bertels, who currently works as the head of Immersive Experience at Barco, has spent the past two decades curating sound and visual experiences, from the Sydney Festival to the Momentary arts center. For the past three decades, Burman has worked as a producer, presenter, and journalist, mainly for the BBC Radio Documentaries, while maintaining a freelance practice as a writer and sound producer. Dudek is a visual artist, whose practice explores the various layers of sports as social spectacle, and the group dynamics it generates in and outside of the stadium.

SME profile

OOF is the world’s only art gallery in a football stadium. Our home is Warmington House, a beautiful listed building on the grounds of the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in North London, where we stage exhibitions by artists who use football to explore society, tackling topics such as passion, belief, bigotry, violence, community and joy. The majority of our visitors are football fans, often encountering contemporary art for the first time.