GRIN: Introducing the selected artists of GRIN Open Call

GRIN: Introducing the selected artists of GRIN Open Call

In the context of GRIN, STARTS residencies involve artists being part of critical reflection and solution development for Europe’s digital and ecological transition. The aim of the residencies is to produce an art-driven experiment of stimulating the uptake of digital technologies, either by EU citizens and companies, to address social, business and sustainability challenges. Outcomes of the residencies should represent a technical demonstrator of the technology proposed, coupled with the artistic demonstrator of the novel usage scenario proposed by the artist. 

Today, GRIN is thrilled to announce the results of its Open Call, spread across 5 regions. We received a total of 151 applications of which 12 were successfully selected.

Among numerous inspiring applications, the GRIN project partners with the support of 16 external evaluators had the challenging task of choosing twelve extraordinary projects. The selected projects demonstrate a profound commitment to sustainable practices and technological approaches, showcasing the potential for art and technology to shape a better future.

Selected Artists for GRIN Residencies

Category: Hate in the Internet
Selected Project (Working Title): Dschungl/Jungle by Artists Collective:
Esra Özmen & Enes Özmen (Austria/Turkey)
Lucia Mauri(Italy)
Alejandra Benet (Spain)

Category: Climate Change
Selected Project (Working Title) : Klima Angst/Climate Fear by Collective Netzzeit: Michael Scheidl, Nora Scheidl & Max Scheidl (Austria)

Category Well-Being
Selected Project (Working Title): The Circus of Well-Being by David Maayan (Israel), Cornelia Scheuer, Romy Kolb, Theresa Aigner (Austria)

Category: Supercomputing, Quantum and Digital Twin

Selected Projects:

Destination Earth by Salome Bazin

FUNGI – Symbiotic Harmonies by Marco Barotti

Fragments of Ephemeral Echoe by Calin Segal

Category: AR for contemporary Theater

Selected Projects:

CrePa | CraCk by Artist Team:
Giovanni Sabelli Fioretti – author and dramaturg
Sara Sguotti – choreographer and performer
Arianna Ulian – poet and performer
Giuseppe Esposito – artistic production
Spartaco Cortesi – musician

AR Playful Performing Arts: Innovation, Experimentation and Digital Dissemination in AR Performing Arts through Narrative Pervasive by Artist Team:
Antonia Pérez Gómez – Artist & Researcher
Sons of a Bit Entertainment, S.L. – Collaborator Team

Category: Drone technologies for Biodiveristy

Selected Projects:

Cyber Agrarian Forecasts by Emma Conley

Drone technologies for biodiversity (Working Title) by Isaac Monté

Category: Print Please
Selected Project: hypermateria by Mónica Rikić

Category: Sound around us
Selected Project: tbc

About GRIN

Art-driven innovation for digital and green transition in European Regions (GRIN) is a STARTS regional centres preparatory action that aims to develop effective solutions for the digital and ecological transition in Europe, with a focus on Upper Austria, Emilia-Romagna, Aveiro, Porto District, and North Ostrobothnia. Through 12 artistic residencies, the project aims to increase the creation of multi-disciplinary teams of scientists, technology providers, engineers, designers, and artists, and foster the development of 12 new artworks in line with a human-centred approach to innovation. GRIN also aims to scale up new business ventures and create five new STARTS Regional centres, while raising public awareness and knowledge on content, technology, and processes empowering all citizens to act in the green and digital transitions.