VYX project: the wearable solution to empower healthy living

October 15, 2021

VYX will be the world’s first non-screen-based prescriptive wearable solution to empower healthy living and give users control and stimulants to persist in their vital lifestyle. Prevention is key in health monitoring.

Credit: Prosthetix-X

VYX is one of the projects supported through STARTS in MOTION 2021, an art-tech acceleration programme designed to empower digital artists and hybrid teams to develop their project and explore the business side of their creative endeavours. 

VYX gives personalized insight into UV exposure- sunburn alert, vitamin D uptake, and activity tracking, while gamifying social interaction. It is designed for the growing aging population, already >20% in Europe (EUROSTAT), and especially for women above fifty. VYX acknowledges that health-related issues are different for all and impact the well-being of aging population by offering incentives and empowerment for preventive care. VYX provides peace of mind and a preventive monitoring tool to keep the user’s vitamin D and physical health condition in shape. VYX is currently working on a validated proof of concept, and building a large supportive network of R&D and supplier partners.

VYX is the art-driven innovation of Prosthetic X, a long-term artistic project driven by the question of what role technology can play in beautifying our appearance and influencing our vitality and health. Prosthetic X realized an ‘artificial data organ’ consisting of interactive prosthetics that serve as esthetical indicators of the health condition of our bodies and of the healthiness of our environment. Beautiful body extensions that live, breath, move and change color responding to measurements of our blood pressure, breathing patterns, the air quality, UV radiation.

Prosthetic X is an installation that fits in a future where humans and technologies tend to merge and the borders between the natural (organs, health, appearance) and the unnatural (technology) fade and result in new, hybrid, forms of human-machine interactions.  The installation exists of 10 interactive objects, a speculative movie and a Data Donor Register to empower data transparency.

VYX and Prosthetic X are developed by Isaac Monté and In4Art, supported by a network of scientific research, business analysis, cultural and internet supportive funds and societal stakeholder partners.

Prosthetic X will be exhibited for the first time at The Grey Space in the middle in The Hague from November 26th to December 15th 2021