STARTS presented at NEXT Conference, Hamburg!

October 1, 2019

On 20 September, STARTS has participated in NEXT Conference, in Hamburg — Germany. Each year, NEXT intends to provoke questions on digital transformation by introducing a broader theme. At NEXT19, topics, speakers and the programme has been framed by “Parallelwelten” (Parallel worlds): The joint forces of digital and analogue allow for a myriad of different worlds for us to live in.

The STARTS panel “Tech and Arts Collaborations: Shifting Parallel Paradigms for Innovation. A S+T+ARTS Perspective” counted with the presence of a STARTS Residencies team (Joreg Djerzinski, co-founder of vvvv and Natan Sinigaglia, artist), the head of Art&Research of Gluon, Ramona Van Gansbeke, and has been moderated by Aurélie Delater, manager of STARTS ECOSYSTEM. The discussions focused on the co-creation experience of a ‘STARTS Residency’, giving emphasis on the creative journey between an artist and the industry/tech. It explored questions such as “What are the main challenges when engaging in art-tech process? What does it take to run a successful co-creation collaboration? How can the presence of an artist in a company leverage innovation and open new perspectives in the market?”. We were proud to witness such success in this STARTS collaboration, and see how both parties benefit every day from the each other work expertise of the other, in terms of software development, live performance and sound arrangements.

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