Seeking DEVELOPERS for AUTOMATED TEXT GENERATION as part of a music installation

Dear S+T+ARTS community!

I am planning an interactive concert installation in which personalized songs are sung to people as a gift. For this purpose, the text (or parts of the text) of existing songs should be regenerated by an algorithm based on the input of information about the person being given that gift. Therefore I am looking for a programmer who can develop such an algorithm. The newly generated text should be singable, so the number of syllables/meters etc. must be reasonably correct, not necessarily the rhymes.

I am a freelance artist in Berlin and work with experimental forms between performing arts and music. Currently I am at the end of the conception phase of this project and will seek out for institutional partners and explore financing possibilities in the next phase. I would be happy to meet interested developpers – of course, please write me how you from your side imagine such a collaboration, the process, your role and further conditions. I look forward to your messages to

best regards Isabelle