[RESOURCE] The Relationship between Art, Science, and Technology

Author: Asmaa Youssef Mohammed Elmongi
in International Journal of Education and Social Science; Vol. 6 No. 5; May 2019

July 31, 2020


Artists are the most who influenced by the different aspects and situations around them. Through their  endeavors  to  express  this,  they  use  different  techniques  of  creation,  consciously  and unconsciously.  The  involvement  of  science  and  technology  for  using  these  techniques  is inevitable, which led to the argument of how scientists and artists collaborate and contribute in promoting culture  and knowledge. Art  is always associated  with emotions  by looking into  the ‘why’, while science has to convince through raising the question of ‘how’. While artists are using science as an available mean to express their vision, scientists use coherent lines, shapes, and models to explain the world. This paper will explore the relation of art, science, and technology as three inseparable concepts through various works of art since the second half of the twentieth century, how they were able to explore new perceptions of the world, and how this relation has been useful in promoting culture and knowledge.