(Re-)Watch Now: S+T+ARTS Talk at Sonar+D

In September, STARTS hosted a talk at this year’s edition SONAR+D focusing on the potential for innovation in urban planning by including artistic strategies, artists and creative producers in the process.

Moderated by Manuel Cirauqi, HCI expert and technology strategist, Mara Balestrini, architect and designer, Andrea Ling and Joseph Klatt, responsible for business development and business tools at open source platform Precious Plastic, discussed their experiences and projects in the areas of civic technology, open-source technologies and platforms, physical storytelling as well as architectural and material design.

On October 29th, Sonar+D launched their new online VOD-platform, where you can now rewatch this S+T+ARTS talk in addition to the whole Sonar+D programme of conferences and performances.

S+T+ARTS Talk: Re-Thinking the Future of Cities