[NEW RESOURCE] Harnessing the power of European regions through STARTS

The first edition of Regional S+T+ARTS Centers is coming to an end at the beginning of December 2020, and the seven partners of  the project have released a publication focusing on their experiences of fostering local STARTS communities over the past one and a half years.

Following the Regional STARTS Centers’ main intention to expand the STARTS initiative on a local level towards a number of European regions, Ars Electronica, BOZAR, the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF, French Tech Grande Provence, GLUON, MADE Group and MEET Digital Culture Center explored a variety of programming strategies for building sustainable, regionally focused STARTS networks based on the particularities of their location. They have hosted workshops, online and physical exhibitions, conferences, lectures, masterclasses, matchmaking activities and in-depth capacity building programmes, and much more. The findings of all these endeavours are gathered in the publication.

It examines the idea of the Regional STARTS Centers as a contemporary Bauhaus and dives into the methodology of Art Thinking, relates the core ideas and values of a regional STARTS center, introduces policy recommendations on European, national and regional level, puts forward the areas of professionalisation, presentation and knowledge transfer and innovative residencies and pilot projects as particularly successful when reaching out to different groups of local stakeholders, and singles out 14 best practice examples from the first edition of Regional STARTS Centers.


  • The regional STARTS centers rooted in the Bauhaus?
  • Art Thinking: A catalyst for human-centered innovation
  • Harnessing the power of European regions through STARTS
  • Policy Considerations
  • 14 best practices by the regional STARTS centers
    • Professionalisation
    • Presentation & Knowledge Transfer
    • Innovative Residencies & Pilot Projects