Leonardo/ Olats – ‚All Women Crew‘ 2020 workshop

May 14, 2020

Teaming up with the FEMeeting initiated by Marta de Menezes and Dalila Honorato in Portugal in 2018, Leonardo/Olats proposed to have an “All Women Crew” for its 2020 Space Art Science Workshop to “celebrate women in art, astronautics and astronomy”.
Doing things remotely is something known in the field of space activities: from driving robots on Mars to landing probes on a comet to scanning the deep sky with telescopes. When it became obvious that the workshop would not take place this year, the organizers decided to put together a remotely built collective contribution. They have created a deck of cards and asked each participant to answer the same first question “what has attracted you to space” and then two other questions picked up by chance. The participants’ answers can now be consulted in a series of podcasts, as follows:

0. What has attracted you to space, 31’50
1. Body or Mind, 11’56
2. Bio or Zoe, 9’46
3. Operational Language or Aesthetic Language, 15’52
4. Weightlessness or Gravity, 14’50
5. Which woman would you put in the “Hall of Fame” in astronomy or astronautics, 10’30
6. We are in 2121, if we were to have a workshop on space art science and culture, what would you like to be talking about, 6’52
7. Ask your own question and answer it, 6’48