Interview of BeAnotherLab Empathy VR Collective in Barcelona

November 22, 2019

Denise Doyle interviews BeAnotherLab Empathy VR Collective in Barcelona

8th November 2019

Last month Dr Denise Doyle, Project Lead for ‘Identifying Successful STARTS Methodologies’ met the collective BeAnotherLab in their studios in Hangar, Barcelona.

Interviewing four of the nine members of the collective she was keen to understand the collaborative processes that the group use to develop their Empathy VR works using their ‘Machine to Be Another’ system. Denise had the opportunity to experience some of their immersive works during her visit there.

BeAnotherLab were recipients of the 2017 STARTS Prize Honorary Mention for their work Library of Ourselves, an interdisciplinary and distributed project to create transformative encounters between communities in conflict. Acting as an open book of embodied narratives, the archive of the Library of Ourselves is composed of stories recorded from a first person perspective of individuals, belonging to various communities.