Insights from STARTS Meetup with OFundamentO

May 14, 2020

We have been delighted to co-host a new meetup with OFundamentO to talk about digitization and sustainability in the textile industry.

On May 13th, Aurélie Delater and Lisa Lang have presented the activities of STARTS and OFundamentO, and have talked about other initiatives and projects developed to re-think fashion and hack the machines for more sustainability.

We have talked about masks design and the call for artists just launched by the Knitting project, and debated on how designers and artists can contribute. We have exchanged about open source, business models, the artists´ loneliness, our will to work sustainably, the opportunities that can arise from the reflections that everyone is leading during the crisis… 

We finished on a positive and hopefull note: “We are breathes”, claimed Lisa. Yes, we can be drivers of new dynamics and open new perspectives!

We give you to follow some useful links that were presented during the session:

For more information on the initiatives above, please reach out to Joana Lacerda

For more information on STARTS and its different projects, please contact us.