Insight from SCI-FI Miners residency: paper on the virtual reality journey to the nanocluster scale

João Martinho Moura and Yury Kolen´ko publish paper on Sci-fi Miners

February 17, 2020

We are thrilled to share this news! During one year, the artist from Braga (Portugal) has collaborated with CRIT-CAT, the tech project from the nanochemistry research group of the INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (Braga), within the frame of the STARTS RESIDENCIES project.

The hybrid team has explored how, with the help of scientific advances in nanotechnology and artificial intelligence, a new generation of nanoclusters are replacing critical natural resources becoming very rare on planet earth. “Sci-fi Miners” is an audio-visual, interactive and virtual reality performance where the artist takes the audience on a journey on the nanometric scale of matter. Their work has been praised by many institutions and has been lately exhibited in South Korea (Como&Happy Screen) and at the headquarters of NATO, among others. 

In this paper, the authors present the results of their residency, focusing on some approaches developed between nanotechnology and the media arts and the creation of a virtual reality performance at the nanoscale. They also reflect on their experience of co-creation between arts and research, as well as the societal questions that drive the entire project. 

Overall, “Sci-Fi Miners is an artistic exploration of how, with the help of scientific advances in nanotechnology, we will substitute critical rare raw materials on Earth, intending to let the public know how significant this research is for humankind and the sustainability of our planet.”

Sci-Fi Miners will be presented during the upcoming STARTS RESIDENCIES DAYS in Paris, next February 28rd – March 1st, with a special performance on Saturday.

During this event, the 45 projects supported by the STARTS RESIDENCIES project will be exhibited, don´t miss it!