Constructing Connectivity, a frontier project in e-textiles innovation by Jessica Smarsch.

An inspiring and successful 3-year collaboration between S+T+ARTS and Jessica Smarsch has been achieved thanks to the support of WEAR Sustain and Re-Fream, two EU projects supporting the development of a sustainable and inclusive approach to additive manufacturing (3D printing), e-textiles and eco-innovative finishing to create a new value chain for the fashion industry.

Constructing Connectivity is a person-centered stroke rehabilitation method combining multi-sensory stimulation and creativity to increase agency and a motivational mindset in the patient, while generating accurate data for the therapist.

Constructing Connectivity uses textile integrated electrodes and movement sensors to deliver sensory feedback to stroke patients through an interactive media experience where patients generate digital artwork through daily movement.

Jessica Smarsh is presenting the results of her work with a video that we are happy to share:

Jessica Smarsch will present her work during the next WeSTART Community Gathering, on the 13th of April at 6:00 p.m. CEST, where we will talk about Strategies for new collaborations. We will have also other members of the STARTS network to share their experiences and ideas on new methods and tools for collaboration with Tech/Science partners, or even exciting tools used during the pandemic and in times of radically increased online / screenbased interaction.

You can contact LucyBunnel ( if you want to take the stage and give us insights on the topic!