young + restless Telefonica BaseCamp

PresentationJuly 4 20187 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Berlin, Germany

The EU project STARTS Residencies, which aims to use artists creative potential for technological innovation, will be participating with two projects: Mapocci and Flone.

Mapocci – Laura Malinverni, Lilia Villafuerte

Mapocci is an interactive toy, designed to promote emotional communication and education among children aged 3 to 7. Thanks to a system of sensors and emotional intelligence software Mapocci recognises the care it receives from its user and reacts accordingly. Each Mapocci has its own personality and preferences and its reactions to caresses and movements are unique and expressed through an individual language.

Meanwhile, a 3G Internet system allows two Mapoccis to connect with each other, facilitating the remote exchange of emotional messages and making it possible for the physical interactions with one of the toys to have an effect on the behaviour of the other, and vice versa. Mapocci can transmit emotional contents between people in different locations through touch and gestures. The intention is for this social robot to act as an intermediary that facilitates a higher level of physicality and empathy in remote connections.

Flone, the flying phone – Lot Amorós, Cristina Navarro, Alexandre Oliver

Flone, The Flying Phone, is a platform to make smartphones fly, involving an innovative drone which combines digital manufacturing, personal empowerment and the use of a smartphone to remotely control the device. Flone is a self-built, low-cost biodegradable drone, conceived as an open source digital design. Some of its design elements (shape, size, material, lack of screws) make it accessible and adaptable for many people to conquer air space.

Afterwards, young + restless devotes itself to enjoyment and scrutinizes the food industry, which is one of the least digitized economic sectors in Germany.