Untitled Festival 2020, with Kasia Molga and Larisa Blazic

STARTS Pop-upSeptember 17 and September 18 20208 a.m. - 9 p.m.

The Festival is an intimate annual celebration of imagination and experimentation.

The first annual Untitled festival will be held 17–18 September 2020 online and in Helsinki.

We focus on the transformation and align action with unlikely allies.

UNTITLED and S+T+ARTS are proud to have the artists Kasia Molga and Larisa Blazic participate as S+T+ARTS ambassadors to our first annual festival. 

Kasia will present her work “By the Code of Soil” that has been realised in collaboration with the musician Scanner and the Grow Observatory, a citizens’ observatory that has empowered people and whole communities to take action on soils and climate across Europe. The work mixes various dynamic data from soil sensors, combined with more static data on soil texture and season, into a system of visual noise.

The session includes a screening of the work By the Code of Soil followed by a discussion of the project by artists and guests. 

“By the Code of Soil is about handing over power to the land – to soil – and depicting it as a first and foremost living organism; not as a resource whose capacity must be maximized for our own benefits. Soil with all its Myriad of processes happening there all the time is like a matrix of the computer – an Invisible force and organizational structure binding all components of the Biosphere together. In times of uncertainties and transitions we need to pay attention to what is Invisible, possibly more than to what is in front of us. ” – Kasia Molga.

Thursday 17th of September, 11h – 13h CEST

Larisa’s work Data Union Fork: Tools for Data Strike, realised in collaboration with the DECODE project asks what does it mean to strike in the digital domain and how can citizens mobilise and organise for collective action? The project sets to develop a collective, creative, and democratic response to the social, economic, and cultural implications of mass scale data harvesting and to re-define the value of that data in the interest of democracy, equality, and justice.

The Fork encourages audience reflection on critical issues arising from persistent personal data harvesting, digital surveillance and profiling.It also engages the participants to think how collective action could help regain control and redefine the value of data collected whilst promoting solidarity and mutual aid.

During the workshop, participants are invited to explore collective bargaining in the Labor union tradition through ’word & image example mapping’, a subverted software design methodology, and investigate what is a breach, how to communicate alert, mobilize and organize citizens locally and across Neighborhoods.

Friday 18th of September, 10h – 12h CEST

Programme and Schedule

Untitled Festival programme is made of Art, Conversations and Experiment workshops. There is gatherings that convene all participants, individual sessions hosted by the participants, as well as time for connecting with others and taking a breath. Sessions build on each other and everyone participates – either by hosting sessions or by giving your insights and your presence in and outside the sessions. We strive for creating as brave, safe and joyful online conditions for people to meet and relate as possible.