Living with AI, our nearest neighbour

WorkshopOctober 19 and October 20 202110 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Bozar, Brussels

During a two days symposium taking place at Bozar, we invite you to focus on the future of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on our living environment, cities, communities, and culture – a future in which AI will become “our nearest neighbour”. Co-produced by EUNIC and Bozar and curated by Jurij Krpan and Pau Waelder, this event will bring together researchers, entrepreneurs, creatives and artists, who will share their expertise on AI in Europe, addressing topics such as AI and creativity in the arts, and the future of living with AI.

Over the two days of the conference, we will host in parallel, and for the first time at Bozar, a hackathon entitled “Hack-à-deux”, on the theme Living with AI, our nearest neighbour. The hackathon is a creative marathon, in which three artists will be paired with three researchers, scientists, engineers or curators to answer a specific challenge dealing with the future of our life with AI in no more than 48 hours. The results of the hackathon will be presented to the public at the end of the symposium during the last panel. 

You can take an active part in the symposium on The Future of Living. On the website a friendly AI will invite you to engage in a conversation and submit your personal expectations and fears related to the future of artificial intelligence. Your contribution, alongside the reflections of the experts participating in the two events will serve as a basis for the drafting and dissemination of an open document suggesting guidelines for the development of AI in the European Union.

Find out more about the Future of Living and start interacting with the AI.