TRANSMEET Science and Art Festival – 19-20 Nov. 2020


With: Kristina Maurer, Michelle Agnes Magalhaes, João Martinho Moura and Pei-Ying Lin

STARTS TalkNovember 19 and November 20 20203 p.m. - 12:15 p.m.

On 19th November, Kristina Maurer (Ars Electronica, S+T+ARTS) and the artists Pei Ying Lin, Michelle Malghaes and João Martinho Moura will share their experiences on S+T+ARTS programme with the audience of TRANSMEET, Israel.


S+T+ARTS Practices: Collaboration as Catalyst
With Kristina Maurer, Michelle Agnes Magalhaes, João Martinho Moura and Pei-Ying Lin

Co-creation processes between dancers, visual artists, painters, designers, and engineers, developers, sociologists, physicists, or machine learning specialists lead to ground-breaking explorations of our current social and economic challenges, bringing attention to societal challenges such as climate change, cyber-security, human-tobot interaction or artificial intelligence. STARTS is an inititative bringing together interdisciplinary teams to work on new concepts and novel products that have the power to shape open-minded, sustainable and ethical technologies for a more inclusive society. In this panel, artists Pei Ying Lin (TW), Michelle Malghaes (FR) and João Martinho Moura (PT) share their experiences in working across the borders of art, science and technology.


TRANSMEET is a new science and art festival that will be held on 19th and 20th November, as a virtual event. It aims to proportionate and stimulate exchanges with leading scientists, artists, and curators who collaborate to realize the intriguing potential that emerges when art and science get together; learn about creativity in regard to different fields of knowledge; find out about the challenges of creating new knowledge and forging a new common language; get a closer look into fascinating collaborations that integrate knowledge, inspiration, and resources and work together towards a more responsible and collaborative tomorrow.