STARTS Exhibition @ Ars Electronica Festival

ExhibitionSeptember 6 through September 10 201810 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Ars Electronica - POSTCITY / Linz

The S+T+ARTS = STARTS initiative is a program of the European Commission launched in 2016 to encourage synergies between the arts and technology to support innovation in industry and society. STARTS promotes the inclusion of artists in research and innovation activities in Europe and funds projects to encourage collaborations of engineers, scientists and artists. As one of these projects, Ars Electronica in collaboration with BOZAR and Waag has launched a prize to select the most pioneering collaborations and results in the field of creativity and innovation where science and technology intersect with the arts. At the festival, Ars Electronica presents a selection of the prizewinning and nominated works of STARTS Prize 2018 together with new results and prototypes coming out of the STARTS initiative.



Amsterdam’s 3D Printed Steel Bridge, MX3D & Joris Laarman Lab (NL)
DeepWear, Natsumi Kato, Hiroyuki Osone, Yoichi Ochiai (JP)
Fennec Turbine, Maxim Kuzin, ATOM (RU)
FluidSolids, FluidSolids® AG (CH)
Future Flora, Celebrating Female Biophilia, Giulia Tomasello (IT)
GreenCake Block, Majd Almashharawi (PS)
Liquid Printed Pneumatics, Self-Assembly Lab, MIT & BMW
Making Sense – Citizen Sensing Toolkit, Making Sense Team
NeuroSpeculative AfroFeminism, Hyphen-Labs / Ece Tankal (TR), Carmen Aguilar y Wedge (US/MX), Ashley Baccus-Clark (US), Nitzan Bartov (IL)
phosphere, Rhizomatiks Research, ELEVENPLAY, evala, Takayuki Fujimoto (Kinsei R&D) (JP)
Printed Paper Actuator, Morphing Matter Lab at Carnegie Mellon University (US)
Quantum Fluctuations, Markos Kay (CY/UK)
Radio Garden
Rapid Liquid Printing, Self-Assembly Lab, MIT + Christophe Guberan + Steelcase (US/CH)
RidRoid „CanguRo“, Future Robotics Technology Center (fuRo), Shunji Yamanaka (JP)
Self Reflected, Greg Dunn, Brian Edwards, Will Drinker (US)
Shadertoy, Pol Jeremias Vila, Iñigo Quilez / Beautypi (ES)
Thermorph, Morphing Matter Lab at Carnegie Mellon University (US)
Transformative Appetite, Tangible Media Group at MIT Media Lab, Morphing Matter Lab at Carnegie Mellon University (US)
VFRAME: Visual Forensics and Advanced Metadata Extraction, Adam Harvey (US)
Who Wants to Be a Self-Driving Car?, Joey Lee, Benedikt Groß, Raphael Reimann, MESO Digital Interiors, David Leonard (US/DE)

STARTS Residency

Atlas, Yann Deval (FR), Marie G. Losseau (BE)

STARTS Prototyping: WEAR Sustain

Closed Loop Smart Athleisure Fashion, (NL) —Marina Toeters (NL), Holst Centre (NL) — Margreet de Kok (NL), Katoenenzo (NL) — Melissa Bonvie (NL)
FlexAbility, Lara Grant (US), Anna Blumenkranz (DE/UA), Adrian Freed (UK)
GenCloth, datable (US) — Elizabeth Esther Bigger (US), Luis Edgardo Fraguada (PR)
MOGU Leather, Mogu S.r.l., Maurizio Montalti (IT/NL)
Quietude, University of Siena (IT) — Patrizia Marti (IT), Matteo Sirizzotti (IT), Pietro Rustici (IT), Simone Guercio (IT), Glitch Factory s.r.l. (IT) — Michele Tittarelli (IT), Iolanda Iacono (IT), T4All (IT) — Gianluca Daino (IT), Riccardo Zambon (IT)
Textile Reflexes, Hellen van Rees (NL), University of Twente (NL) — Angelika Mader (DE), Geke Ludden (NL)